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The excitement generated by this ancient Tibetan anti-aging technique is spreading.

Some of the information that follows will intrigue you.

Let me explain how and why this technique works,

To understand the principle behind this technique, you should first understand what happens within your body as you age.

A number of research studies have been tracking groups of individuals for decades, recording changes in their body chemistry, in order to establish some parameters for the aging process. Their findings point to certain functions that register the most age-related changes, such as: 

  • your blood stream

  • your body composition

  • your lung function

  • your body's response to stimuli or threats ( the immune system)

The Principle behind ‘The Technique’……Balancing of the Hormonal System 

The medical community increasingly acknowledges the pivotal role of the endocrine system in body health. Disturbances in its functioning are responsible for most of the above aging biomarkers, as well as for the onset of much age-related disease. 

A single misbalance in these delicate equations can in time, spark off a whole series of unexpected 'spin-off' consequences. "Endocrinology" by standard Western definitions, is an exceedingly complex science. 

For instance, a drop-off in the function of the pineal gland can cause melatonin levels to change, affecting the ability of the body to fight off cancers. An imbalance of the hormone, melatonin, also leads to insomnia, which in turn leaves the body fatigued and more vulnerable to attack.

In this way, progressive coordination between age and disease creates a vicious cycle of physical deterioration. Both melatonin and HGH (human growth hormone) production are affected, in a domino effect, by the inability to reach the deeper sleep levels.

Eastern holistic therapy postulates that normalization of energy flow in the chakras, (which can best be described as energy vortexes), leads to optimal regulation of functioning and flow within the neuro-endocrine system - as is accomplished through practice of the 'Tibetan Technique'.

Interestingly enough, the locations of the chakras match major nerve or endocrine centers in the body. Each of your senses, sensibilities and emotions can be categorized and associated with a particular chakra.

Consider the following.

There are seven major chakras in your body, aligned from your groin upward to the top of your head, and they are centered on your seven endocrine glands. These comprise, from the bottom up:

  • the reproductive glands
  • the pancreas
  • the adrenal
  • the thymus
  • the thyroid
  • the pineal
  • and the pituitary glands.

These glands are responsible for numerous body processes, including growth, metabolism, sexual development and function, and response to stress.

With the passage of time, the  rate of spin of the  chakras begins to slow down.
Illness, consequent to age and the degenerative process, further misbalances them. 

Restoring the chakras to their youthful momentum, and re-balancing them, works to reverse the degenerative effects of aging in the old, and to maintain optimum health in the young. 

You can develop, program or awaken your chakras, if you have the expertise to do so. In the same way that correct manipulation can ease an aching muscle, the weak or imbalanced chakras can be rejuvenated and made to function at peak activity. By so doing, you also stimulate  ‘the mirror system’ of nerves, plexuses, glands and ganglionic chains (your neuro-endocrine system) to maintain their secretions at the optimum (youthful) level.

The  technique, when consistently practiced, stimulates your seven main energy centers, the 'chakras', to this state of 'optimum balance'. 

In other words, your energy centers respond to the exercises and naturally correct the imbalances within your body. 

The Practice of 'The Technique' 

Having said all this, I want to make a few things clear.  

  • The technique harnesses the body's internal forces to activate the rejuvenation process, so there are chances are for a longer life span in the natural course. There are, however, no promises of a longer life. This would contradict the essence of Buddhist thought. However, the quality of life can be vastly improved.
  • The technique will not transform you overnight. If you train regularly with weights, in the course of time, your muscles will strengthen; if you meditate regularly, your mind will become tranquil; if you consistently practice yogic asanas, your body will become supple and healthy. The result follows the action as long as you are committed to regularity of practice.
  • The technique can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age, as long as the person is in reasonably good health, and capable of performing light exercises similar to yogic asanas. I recommend that persons in poor health, heart patients, and those under medical supervision for any serious ailment, consult with their physicians before practicing the technique.
  • The technique is not to be considered as a substitute for any treatment that is prescribed by your physician. Instruction in the practice of the technique is provided with the  explicit understanding that no medical advice or services are being rendered.
  • The technique requires regular and faithful daily practice for best results.

Thousands have benefitted from practising The Technique. Read here what some users have to say .

Let me explain how YOU can benefit from this astounding knowledge 

  • Practice of the technique will restore the optimal functioning of your chakras, with attendant benefits on your appearance, your physical health, and your mental attitude  ( the three markers of biological aging ).
  • It will usually start reversing the effects of time on your appearance and energy level within three months, or less. 
  • The technique will enable you to continue looking much younger than your actual age, throughout your lifetime.
  • Your overall fitness will increase. Many of you will begin to feel exciting changes in your body within three months.
  • Supercharge the quality of your life with this ancient Tibetan rejuvenation technique. Imagine yourself at social and professional gatherings, participating with vigor, youth and dynamism, receiving both compliments and envious looks from your peers.
  • This is the perfect legacy for your family. Can you leave them a legacy of greater value than knowledge of preventive therapy and good health that will keep them looking and feeling youthful throughout their fifties, sixties, seventies and beyond?

My 25 minute videotape, besides demonstrating the technique, also contains other useful information that will help you to maximize fitness benefits

We have also just released the DVD format. 


BEWARE OF PIRATED VERSIONS OF THIS VIDEO. Do not be cheated with pirated versions of this video. Buying a pirated product with full knowledge creates a negative basis for the practice of an essentially holistic 'ritual'; this may work to negate it's intended purpose. Don't take that risk for the sake of a few dollars. My genuine video is available only from this website.

Please understand, I am not selling you a video/CD. I am offering you a unique opportunity to benefit from ancient knowledge.

Although practice of the technique alone will give exciting results, you can optimize the process by living a "healthy life". This would include a sensible diet, regular walks and exercise, some daily meditation and avoidance of substance abuse of any kind.  

My aim is to make the video available to everyone who is serious about self-improvement, and who will practice the technique faithfully. The results will obviously differ from person to person, but you will definitely receive enough of a 'youthful infusion' to become very excited in a few months!

For only $49.99+ S&H, you will have the video, important instructions, AND personalized online mentoring for 6 months, giving you:

  • Individual online guidance for a full 6 months from me personally (over $300 value)
  • Knowledge that will have you looking and feeling younger than you actually are for the rest of your life.
  • Step-by-step demonstration of ‘the technique’, in normal & slow modes
  • Instruction on breathing for maximum efficacy of ‘the technique’
  • Guidance on other health-building  factors 

The video/CD is, in fact, an invaluable one-time investment in the well-being of yourself and your family.

So, now its decision  time. And to make your decision easier, I  offer  you a FREE one year trial, backed by an Unconditional, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Money-back guarantee.


Use the product for one year. If, at the end of the year, you are not very excited and pleased with the changes in you, I will cheerfully refund your money. It will cost you NOTHING, if you are not absolutely delighted with the new you.

To start your own personal transformation process, CLICK NOW on the "ORDER"  button below.

Note: The anti-aging technique is said to have originated in a monastery in Tibet. As Universal Law decrees that one must exchange value for value, a part of the sales proceeds of this video is dedicated to the Tibetan refugees in India. I sincerely urge you to join us in supporting them.


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