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Meet the people behind this web site!

There are two of us.

My name is Jay Chatterjee, and my partner's name is Roshmi Raychaudhuri.

I turned 60 this year, going on thirty-two…….thirty-seven on bad days, and Roshmi is racing to catch up.

We believe that if we can make a living from something that helps others, as well as ourselves, it would be good 'karma'. And that is what we are trying to do, make a living doing something we both enjoy, and believe in, and that does help others too.

We are both passionately interested in natural health therapies, and have been for a long time. Unfortunately, the pursuit of our respective careers pushed this interest onto the back-burner for the earlier part of our lives, turning it into a spare-time interest rather than a primary one.

Born in India, I left at age 19, straight after University, for Australia. I now live in Toronto, Canada, and have three adult children.

Many of my early educational years were spent in boarding schools as my parents divorced when I was quite young. My father was in the Indian diplomatic service, and my mother was the daughter of Lord Sinha, a peer of the British empire (which still existed in those days). My childhood may have seemed, to some, to be one of extreme privilege. It didn't seem like that to me!

Boarding schools place a lot of emphasis on sports and gymnastics, and this led me to develop an interest in maintaining a healthy body quite early. This interest combined with voracious reading, led me, in course of time, to Naturopathy.

Canberra, Australia, is where I qualified to become a Chartered Accountant, and where I lived for ten years and worked for Coopers & Lybrand. Coopers & Lybrand gave me the opportunity to relocate to Canada, as a Chartered Accountant with their Toronto branch. I spent another ten years in the hard-nosed world of commercial finance before electing for self-employment in different business ventures. Although my present professional interests are in a different area, my years as a chartered accountant have proved enormously useful.

Roshmi was born and educated in India, and she lives in Calcutta, (the 'City of Joy', for those of you who have read the book, or seen the movie).

She is fiercely independent too, and has spent most of her working life in personal business ventures. She began her career in marketing management with General Electric, where she was trained as a professional manager.

After spending eight years working for the large, multinational corporation, she struck out on her own. She has been in various business ventures in the past, including an India-based recruitment agent for universities interested to recruit students from India. Art has been her passion over the years, and she has co- curated over 45 art exhibitions in India to promote Contemporary Indian Art.

Yoga, was the wellness-vehicle of choice in her family. Her father, a member of the prestigious ICS - the Indian Civil Service, thought nothing of doing yoga head-stands to relax from the tensions of governmental office and her mother owned a beauty salon (Roshmi's parents & mine knew each other, although she and I did not meet until years later). As a result, she has always been very interested in holistic health and beauty techniques.

This interest was cemented through reading; she loves books. In fact, two of her recent assignments involved books, one as a publisher's representative, and another as an Executive Director (East & North-East Region) of a major British Publisher, the target of a subsequent acquisition.

We both enjoy travelling, and criss-cross continents to keep our relationship and joint business in good shape.

Until my last trip to India, my interest in alternative health practices remained that of a bystander. However, all this changed one day. While on business in Darjeeling, at the foothills of the Himalayas, Roshmi and I came across the little-known Tibetan technique which reverses aging, and actually restores one's youthful appearance and vigor.

Although intrigued, I was extremely skeptical ….. my chartered accountant's rational brain found it difficult to accept, but Roshmi persuaded me to try it out.

I was fifty-five years old and it was beginning to show, despite my regular exercise regimen. To cut a long story short, we were both so impressed by the results within three months of my practicing the technique (as were curious family, friends and acquaintances), that we became converts.

Subsequently, we came across testimonials from well-known medical doctors and users, who provided more information and affirmation for something we knew to be true and authentic.

We have experienced the power of The Tibetan Technique ourselves. We feel it is something so important to the welfare of humankind, that everyone should have the opportunity of deciding whether or not to use it. The internet gave us the opportunity to reach millions, so this was the ideal way to put the word out. And also to start off a new venture rather than accept the imminent retirement phase of our lives.

And that's the story of how this web site came to be.


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