Dental Plans

Why do you need regular dental care?

Loss of teeth, and use of dentures are considered very much a part of the process of time taking its toll of all our faculties. However, it need not be this way, if we take a few simple steps to prevent possible deterioration in vulnerable areas.

Teeth are one of the most vulnerable at any stage of life.

According to statistical reports, between 75% - 95% of all Americans have a quiet, insidious disease called "periodontal disease." This disease, apparently, can not only destroy your teeth, gums and the nerves that serve them, but also has the potential to mysteriously bring on heart disease, diabetes, respiratory illness, osteoporosis, pre-term or low birth weight delivery, and stroke.

The causes of periodontal disease are microbes passed from one to another. The microbes are "anaerobic" for the most part - they thrive in the absence of oxygen - so when they find their way into an area of the tooth or gum that is being skipped over by the brush or floss - they take up residence, feed and multiply.

The waste produced from their feeding is acidic, and that acidic by-product goes to work quietly inside your mouth, destroying your teeth, gums and the connective tissue which holds it all together. Loose teeth, cavities, bleeding or pain from abscesses are evidences of this.

So, it is imperative to include regular dental care as part of your lifestyle.

What are Dental Plans?
Discount dental plans are an innovative alternative to dental insurance, designed to suit the needs of individuals and families looking to save money on dental care.

Discount dental plans have stepped in to save money for people who would not be able to acquire traditional dental insurance. Dental insurance is expensive, and involves a lot of complicated paper-work. Most "dental insurance plans" are designed for large groups, organizations, or businesses. Typically, it is difficult to obtain unless provided by your workplace or employer. Do you fall into this category? Read on.

Why join our Dental Plans?
Here are the top reasons why thousands of people have a dental plan with

* To receive membership cards & an Online Membership Package instantly.

* No background checks or pre-existing condition exclusions
* To save money on routine dental care like cleanings, exams and x-rays
* To save money on expensive dental work like extractions, root canals, or braces
* To make a commitment to improve their oral health
* To provide better dental care for their family
* No paperwork hassles or claim forms to file
* Quick plan activation - within 2 business days for most plans
* Affordable low annual enrollment fee (with 3 additional months FREE upon enrollment)
* Outstanding customer service

Dental Plans Start at $79 per year

Individual & Family Plans Available!

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