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Well, we spent a lot of time ferreting and rummaging around the Internet for our readers, and came up with a few, carefully selected, unusual gifts, guaranteed to provide joy and fun to both giver and receiver.

The Beer Machine
This is a great gift for yourself, or anyone who loves beer and is also concerned about good health. And it won't break the bank as prices start at US$89 +s&h for the basic model (one of the four offered).

The freshest, most aromatic, and therefore the tastiest beer you can get anywhere is the one you brew yourself. And you get to control the alcohol content as well.

Great beer is a concert of flavors and smells that has taken mankind's entire history to perfect. As far back as 1600 BC, Egyptian medical texts had hundreds of prescriptions calling for beer, and those early brewers used natural and healthful herbs such as balsam, dandelion, mint, and even oyster shells. Treatments and recipes changed over the years, and in 1516 AD, the Bavarians passed a law, the Rheinheitsgebot, specifying what ingredients could go into beer, making brewing any other way illegal. Today, however, most brands of beers contain a lot of extra ingredients, including preservatives.

The beer you brew yourself with the Beer Machine holds to simple, strict standards of the Rheinheitsgebot, uses traditional brewing methods in a modern machine Öand ensures use of the highest quality barley, hops and brewers yeast. (Early health teachers are known to have advocated brewer's yeast in one form or another because it is rich in the B-complex vitamins and other nutrients).

The ingredients of a good beer are natural and pure. The fermentation process is also a natural process. In fact, everything about beer is natural except when inorganic and unnatural ingredients, like preservatives and fillers, are added for the brew to keep till it can reach the consumer.

So, letís review the advantages of brewing your own beer. It tastes better. Itís fresher. You can vary the alcohol content. And it's different!

Prime Wines
Your friends prefer fine wines perhaps? It's true that wines speak! So choose the bottle of wine that will convey what you want to say. For a wide selection of wines from exclusive European and domestic wineries that you can have delivered to someone.

And, to make sure you don't grow a 'beer belly', get a copy of the DVD that demonstrates a set of powerful yoga rejuvenation postures to keep you lean, energetic and young: The Tibetan Technique

The Tibetan Technique is an exercise regimen devised by Tibetan Monks centuries ago, The Technique has stood the test of time. It comprises a set of five simple, yoga-like exercises, that will make a mature person look and feel energized and youthful. This effect happens because the exercises naturally stimulate the hormonal glands to produce hormones in balance with the requirements of the body.
Available on DVD & video.

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