(small indulgences to make yourself & others happy)


They say that lasting happiness cannot be achieved on earth. But, you have achieved short-lived, ephemeral moments of happiness, haven't you? And, from the health point of view, its important that you grab as many happy moments as you can. The blissful mood is the result of endorphins that are naturally produced in your body, and are good for you. Although research on the subject is still underway, endorphins are believed to produce four key effects on the body and mind: they augment the immune system, they are stress-busters, they can act as pain-killers and they postpone aging.

The reasons that trigger moments of happiness are likely to vary from person to person, and the same pleasures may not give happiness to different people or in the same measure. But are there some things that are likely to bring happiness to all ... a fleeting moment or two for some, and hours, days, weeks for others?

In fact, endorphins are released by a diverse and unconnected range of activities. Meditation, deep breathing, exercise, laughter, eating spicy food, listening to music, taking massages and sex are all activities that produce endorphins. Well, we spent a lot of time ferreting and rummaging around the Internet for an answer, and came up with a few triggers, guaranteed to provide joy, fun and pleasure to most people!

Smiles make you smile back. The mere act of stretching your lips outwards seems to be connected with a happiness trigger. And smiling relaxes the muscles in the body. An added bonus:The more you smile, the more people will smile at you ...so let the domino effect develop into full and hearty laughter.... the heartier, the better for your health.

Mental Equanimity
You can't be happy unless you're at peace with yourself. The Sedona Method will show how to tap your natural ability to let go immediately of any unwanted thought or feeling. It will help to quickly and easily have all that you choose, including the following: more money, better relationships, more radiant health and well being, more effective goal achievement plus break bad habits and other self-sabotaging behaviors. In addition, it builds self esteem by helping you to lose weight, stop smoking and sleep better. The better you feel about yourself, the better your chances of achieving a state of mental happiness. In fact the results produced often seem quite miraculous. The Sedona Method

Pets: They have the unfailing knack of taking your mind off whatever is troubling you. Or, they're there to share your troubles, which effectively halves the burden!
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Sex & a loving relationship: Scientists have linked sex with endorphins, happiness and staying youthful. Studies have found that men and women who had sex four to five times a week look 10 years (or more) younger than those who had sex twice a week. Sexual activity produces endorphins and the hormone, oxytocin, which trigger a happy mood. (By the way, promiscousity is known to have the opposite effect because of stressful guilt feelings) So, if you have a spouse or companion, show them, even more passionately than usual, that you care. However,as you age, there is a reduction in the natural lubrication released by your body, which may cause discomfort. It's easy to solve this problem without embarrasment.
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Spicy food (chillies are particularly effective), chocolates, and spiced vinegars, are all endorphin producers. In addition, gourmet foods have a feel-good factor that is particularly stress-busting. So you can go ahead and indulge yourself without guilt, as long as you don't overdo it. We are very partial to the caviar, lobster, smoked salmon and gourmet chocolates offered by the sites below:

Russian Caviar
Caviar is supposed to contain 47 vitamins and minerals, has about 70 calories per ounce, but is high in cholesterol. As long as you don't overdo it, there's no need to go on a guilt trip if you indulge yourself on a special occasion. But the reason it's on our list of happiness-makers is for the experience it is sure to create for the recipient. Caviar is the food served to Royalty, Heads of State and the likes of Donald Trump (!). For between $26.95 (4 oz. of Russian Pike) and $89 (1 oz. of Beluga) you can live the high life on many an occasion. And, is there any better way of allowing yourself or a loved one to 'savour' a lifestyle?

You can also gift a wide range of gourmet goodies to those with less adventurous taste buds, e.g. Pheasant & Chicken Sausage with Hazelnuts and Cognac; Rabbit Sausage with White Wine & Dijon Mustard; Wild Boar Sausage with Cranberries: all priced at $ 11.95 ea. for 12 oz. Also available are Smoked Salmon, Truffles and Gourmet Food Samplers, Gift Baskets & Gift Certificates ($25+).
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Have A Shell-Cracking, Lip-Smacking Dining Experience with Lobster Gram!Everyone who loves lobster can arrange to have this mouth-watering meal delivered to their own dining table. You can choose from Live Maine lobsters, Surf & Turf, Exotic Lobster Tails, Gourmet Steaks and over 30 other selections. Or you can give them a gift certificate, and allow them to choose their meal for themselves. Click here for details: Lobster Gram Gift Certificate Sale!

The Beer Machine

The freshest, most aromatic, and therefore the tastiest beer you can get anywhere is the one you brew yourself. And, the additional advantage is that you get to decide the alcohol content as well.

Great beer is a concert of flavors and smells that has taken mankind's entire history to perfect. As far back as 1600 BC, Egyptian medical texts had hundreds of prescriptions calling for beer, and those early brewers used natural and healthful herbs such as balsam, dandelion, mint, and even oyster shells. Treatments and recipes changed over the years, and in 1516 AD, the Bavarians passed a law, the Rheinheitsgebot, specifying what ingredients could go into beer, making brewing any other way illegal. Today, however, most brands of beers contain a lot of extra ingredients, including preservatives.

The beer you brew yourself with the Beer Machine holds to simple, strict standards of the Rheinheitsgebot, uses traditional brewing methods in a modern machine …and ensures use of the highest quality barley, hops and brewers yeast. (Early health teachers are known to have advocated brewer's yeast in one form or another because it is rich in the B-complex vitamins and other nutrients).

The ingredients of a good beer are natural and pure. The fermentation process is also a natural process. In fact, everything about beer is natural except when inorganic and unnatural ingredients, like preservatives and fillers, are added so that the brew will keep till it can reach the consumer.

This is a great gift for yourself, or for anyone who loves beer and is also concerned about good health. And it won't break the bank as prices start at US$89 +s&h for the basic model (one of the four offered).

So, let’s review the advantages of brewing your own beer. It tastes better. It’s fresher. You can vary the alcohol content. And, It’s a lot cheaper... under 25 cents a bottle! Know someone who would love this? Get your Beermachine here

Exercise: The Tibetan Technique
A feeling of happiness is released from within the body as the endorphins kick into action when you practise of this set of five simple, yoga-like exercises. And your happiness quotient is further boosted when you see yourself look more radiant, and feel energized and youthful. This renewing effect happens because the exercises naturally stimulate the hormonal glands to produce hormones in balance with the requirements of the body. Available on video.
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Music: Music has always had a strong influence on mood and psyche, but it has only lately been connected, scientifically, to the production of endorphins. Sound therapy, as healing, has been found to be very effective in treating stress and insomnia. Different kinds of music can affect one in different ways, so take care that you listen to music that makes you feel happy rather than the opposite. Classical music is always de-stressing, and if you haven't learned to like it, perhaps you should take in a few concerts, in order to develop your 'ear'.
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Meditation: It is now proven that in addition to calming the nerves and reducing blood pressure, the regular practice of meditation and yogic breathing help the body produce endorphins and a feeling of well-being and happiness. If you would like to learn how, we highly recommend The HoloSync Audio Technology instant mediation, which we use ourselves.

Massage: Certain manual manipulations, such as massage, water therapy and acupuncture induce the body to produce endorphins , and create a feeling of happiness, specially so when applied with aromatic oils or creams. And, by choosing these creams correctly, it is possible to make the experience even more therapeutic. For instance, application of marine minerals: with AHAs, BHA, and minerals from the sea, work together with massage to return skin's natural lustre, and keep away cellulitis. Application of natural oxidants, such as pomegranate, also has a fabulous effect on both body and mind. Introducing the next generation in skin protection! New! Pomegranate Wine Body Care Collection – only at Garden Botanika

Other triggers that create a feeling of happiness are personal ease, a welcoming bed (your own space), mastery of new, never-tried-before activities, looking and smelling good, colors that resonate with your personality and enhance your mood, looking upon visually pleasing images.

Framed Art
How about the pleasure of viewing (and owning) originals painted by the Masters? Unfortunately, great artworks don't come cheap, and are outside the budget of most people. However, it is possible to own (and view) prints of these famous artworks, ranging from museum prints and photography, to scrolls and other popular wall décor products! These are prints you can order, customised to size and medium of execution, complete with mat and frames, at prices that won't cost you an arm and a leg.

To give an example, Roshmi (who co-owned an Art Gallery for seven years) found a paper print framed in pewter metal, size 24"x36", of the painting "White Camelia" by the artist Georgia O'Keeffe selling at $91.33, whereas normally it would cost over $200. The price includes print, frame, art-quality plexi-glass and Free FedEx ground shipping.

That's really good value! And, there's a rich and varied menu of prints that include today's best sellers, timeless classics, and trend-setting new arrivals.

It's a scientific fact that color influences and affects mood and psyche. You can use its language to make a loved one (or yourself) happy, enthused, upbeat:
Pink: soothes, acquiesces, affability and affection
Yellow: expands, cheers, increases energy
White: purifies, energizes, unifies
Black: disciplines, authorizes, strengthens
Orange: cheers, commands, stimulates the appetite
Red: empowers, stimulates, drama, passionate
Green: balances, normalizes, refreshes
Purple: comforts, spiritualizes, draws intuition
Blue: relaxes, refreshes, cools, gives tranquility

So use the power and language of colour to influence your mood and make yourself happy. Click here for Free Shipping on Framed Art


Listen to books on your Apple iPod
We already know how handy an Apple iPod can be, in the music-for-pleasure area, but do you know my favourite use for it? People like us, who love to read but are always short of time, would love this alternative. Listen to books instead of reading them! Subscribe to a program of digital audio that you can listen to anytime, anywhere. Over 18,000 audio programs are available, including digital audio books, audio magazines, newspapers, radio programs and more. It's possible to download and listen on your iPod (or Palm Handheld, Pocket PC, Audible Otis MP3 player, your computer or on CDs you burn yourself).

Give someone this gift and you make it possible for them to hear a best seller in the car; take in an audio newspaper on their commute; laugh out loud with a comedy at the gym; keep their minds alert and agile. A wonderful happiness creating item that you can gift yourself too!
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Photo Books
Arm yourself with one of these to re-live and renew moments of happiness. And share them with others. It also makes a perfect gift for someone with whom you share memories, tender, familial or prosaic. Choose a range of photographs and have them bound up as a book, in a smart and professional format (6 styles, 7 designer templates,17 colors). Prices are a steal, starting at $9.99 for 20 pages in the 8.25"x5.25" compact size. Jay's favourite model has linen over linen, layered ellipsis, vellum endsheets and a minimalist elastic band holding it all together; price $39.95 for 20 pages in the 10.25"x9" standard size.

If you would prefer to personalise even more, why not imprint 'X's photo on a mug, a plate, a tile, a mouse pad or whatever? Turn a mundane , everyday item into a personal treasure. Roshmi was gifted a mug-shot of herself on a bone-china plate, and kept saying, "I'm now there for posterity to see"; she has a vivid imagination!!
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Not the conventional Perfume!
Create a fine fragrance as unique as your fingerprint. More than 50 scents to customize as your scent at Garden Botanika. Smells influence mood in the same way as colors do. Experiment with blends and find your own happiness threshold. It's trendy to have custom-design cell phones, personalized jewelry, customized websites, monogrammed blankets and even our portraits on celluloid and canvas. So why not a personalized fragrance? Personalization is creative! Choose from a selection of over 50 scents that can be blended into a host of body care products, Eau de Parfum and aromatic room oils, giving women (and men) the opportunity to create totally original fragrances for the products they use every day. Yes, it's possible, so click on the link above.

And, while you're about it, check out the latest in skin-care flavors: Introducing the next generation in skin protection! New! Pomegranate Wine Body Care Collection – only at Garden Botanika

A comfortable & welcoming bed
Happiness is a comfortable bed one can get sink into for undisturbed sleep. Spending
just over $200 (inclusive of shipping), is a bargain if you, or someone close to you, has problems sleeping. Investing in a Cuddle Ewe™ Underquilt (which comes in a number of sizes) would be money well spent.
And, believe me, you'd be very happy to get such restful sleep, night after night! The secret is in its construction from natural all wool fibres, which keep you warm when the temperature drops, and cool in hot climates. The portable model, the Cuddle Ewe Travel-Ewe™, is designed to travel with you, weighs only 10 lbs. and fits neatly into its own heavy duty tote bag, and at 30"x73", fits any sized bed. It ensures deep restorative sleep by providing distribution of the body weight away from tender points and sensitive joints, so it alleviates muscle discomfort, tender points and morning stiffness. Click on the link below for more information.
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A new and challenging mind-body game
"The Journey to Wild Divine is much more than a game; it's a tool for the Mind-Body work we value. It certainly has proven so with me - and it's a hit with my patients. It's an outstanding product and since it's amazingly inexpensive, I encourage my patients to use it as home practice. It's complex and challenging enough that no one has gotten tired of using it."

Thomas M. Brod, MD, Sr. Fellow, BCIA,
American Board, Psychiatry & Neurology
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Personal comfort:
It's down to the basics now! The two items that determine your personal comfort are your underwear and your footwear. Have you given enough thought to these often overlooked items, considering they are contributers to your 'bliss' level?

21st century underwear : Some new textiles can have astounding effects on maintaining your health. According to a recent study, Holofiber increases blood oxygen levels and builds muscle strength. When Holofiber is incorporated in underwear, glove liners, or other articles of clothing, it helps return oxygen to the body cells, so improving circulation, preventing cold hands and feet and reducing fatigue. This is particularly useful if you have diabetes or artheriosclerosis. To find shorts, t-shirts, pants and other clothing items made from Holofiber CLICK HERE

Footwear: The average person takes 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day, which over an average lifetime would total enough steps to take you around the the earth four times! Without the correct footwear, every one of those steps will be painful! You'll be doing irreparable damage to yourself rather than releasing endorphins! Conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, nerve and circulatory problems can show their first symptoms in the feet. Watch your feet, and take care of your Foot Health

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