Rosalyn Carson-DeWitt, MD wrote a very informative article on one of the major causes of death in our society today – heart disease.

This is imperative information that could help you, or a family member, so please take the time to read it.  It has been partitioned into 5 parts for your reading convenience. Here is what she said in her article.

Part 1 - Causes and Risk Factors


A heart attack occurs when blood flow to the heart muscle is interrupted. This deprives the heart muscle of oxygen, causing tissue damage or tissue death.


A heart attack may be caused by: 

    * Thickening of the walls of the arteries feeding the heart muscle (coronary arteries)

    * Accumulation of fatty plaques in the coronary arteries

    * Narrowing of the coronary arteries

    * Spasm of the coronary arteries

    * Development of a blood clot in the coronary arteries

 Risk Factors

A risk factor is something that increases your chance of getting a disease or condition.

     * Sex: male

    * Increased age

    * Obesity

    * Smoking

    * High blood pressure

    * Sedentary lifestyle

    * High blood cholesterol (specifically, high LDL cholesterol, and low HDL cholesterol)

    * High blood triglycerides

    * Diabetes

    * Stress

    * Family members with heart disease

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 You can get more information on heart disease

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