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Regain Youth, Good Health & Vigor naturally

Your quest for the Fountain of Youth is over – Tibetan rejuvenation yoga is now available on DVD! Also over is your search to look younger, for rejuvenation, anti aging treatments, age reversal exercises, or yoga exercises that assure enduring youth, ageless good health and youthful fitness and sexual vigor.


Just five short (but potent) yoga asanas (movements) performed regularly, as demonstrated, will energise you and enable you to look younger and feel rejuvenated.


My name is Jay, and I welcome you to the Young Again Forever website. It will be your guide in your journey to the fountain of youth.


Let me give it to you straight - an ancient rejuvenation yoga therapy, which originated centuries ago in a Tibetan monastery can make you feel and look younger again. This anti aging, fitness, and good health therapy, which we refer to as 'The Technique', can direct your life into dynamic new channels, as it has mine.


The rejuvenation yoga program, comprises a set of rejuvenation yoga exercises. If practised as demonstrated it can invigorate you and make you look younger again. This rejuvation yoga program is suitable for all ages, stimulates the secretion of hormones by and in your own body – including (HGH) human growth hormone, DHEA and melatonin. Human growth hormone (HGH), DHEA and melatonin are some hormones that strongly control and influence aging, as well as the speed at which you age.


Thousands of people all over the world are already using 'The Technique', and renowned medical doctors and personalities, such as Bernie Siegel and Deepak Chopra, recommend it. Testimonials

The Tibetan rejuvenation yoga exercise brings hope of age reversal and rejuvenation to those of you who are beginning to look and feel their age. And it brings hope of ageless beauty, life-long youth, natural good health, youthful appearance and vigor to those of you who are still youthful. (In fact, everyone can benefit from it.)

Take this one life-changing step today and:

  • You can effect VISIBLE AGE REVERSAL 
  • You can regain the VIGOR and FITNESS level of earlier days
  • You can maintain GOOD HEALTH throughout your lifetime.
  • You can bring your HORMONES into balance

And all of this can happen within a relatively short period, naturally, and without ingesting hormones or miracle 'elixirs'.


You will enjoy an enviable combination…. that of wisdom attained from your life’s experience, together with your earlier youthful looks, vigor & fitness!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could look younger, and feel, the way you did in your prime? To sparkle with youthful energy and the sheer joy of each pulsating moment? To experience the sexual vigor of youth?

Do you feel the aging process catching up with you? While springing out of bed in the mornings, do stiff joints slow you down? Are the former levels of fitness, youthful vigor and good health fast diminishing? Year after year, do you continue to feel less youthful, have less vigor, your earlier good health recedes?

So, what can you do to remain ageless, look younger & achieve good health?

Use this powerful Tibetan rejuvenation Yoga technique to keep your chakra system spinning!

  • As thousands have discovered, your body can be taught the anti aging process.  
  • This is a holistic good health technique, a relaxing lifetime fitness exercise program that, if followed correctly, can effectively stop aging to a significant degree.
  • This rejuvenation yoga exercise program was developed by Tibetan Lamas specifically for chakra activation and chakra balancing. Chakras are linked to your endocrine system, which controls your hormones.

  • Chakra balancing and chakra activation are achieved by five simple yoga exercises using specific movements & breath controls.
  • This rejuvenation and age reversal therapy is continuous and self-sustaining, because it stimulates the body itself, through gentle, natural measures, to activate the secretion of its own hormones.
  • How? By restoring the optimum spin, which tends to slow down with age, of the chakra system in your body.
  • Thousands of people worldwide, including doctors and health caregivers, are using 'The Tibetan Yoga Rejuvenation Technique' to change their lives. Many of them have reported amazing results from these chakra exercises, including:
    • Regaining a youthful appearance
    • Weight loss  & good health
    • New energy and a sense of well-being
    • Better ability to handle stress
    • Increased sexual vigor
    • Hair re-growth and reversal of graying
    • Fading of age spots
    • Relief from Arthritis and other age-related health conditions

    • Look younger and feel younger

This yoga rejuvenation exercise DVD will demonstrate how YOU too can tap into your fountain of youth!   

Many of the thousands of people, who have used the Tibetan yoga rejuvenation technique, have written glowing testimonials about the positive effects it has had on their health and outlook on life. But I had to try it for myself to be truly convinced that it works. And I am now more than convinced....

I am about to tell you a true story… personal experience...

  • I can state with absolute conviction that 'The Technique' works. I used it myself, and
    aw, and felt, its tangible results daily.
  • I feel much more energized and vigorous now than before
  • There is now a certain positive charge to my life; a creative orientation towards the future, which I last experienced when I was much younger.
  • To continue to feel and look younger than my years, rather than older, as the months pass, gives me the greatest thrill of all!  
  • Past sixty, my hair is still dark, much to my peers' amazement
  • Because I look younger, I tend to act and think younger, with corresponding effects on my attitude, personality, behaviour and creativity.
  • I can definitely state that this yoga exercise has literally given me a second chance at life!
  • And You too can reach optimal ageless fitness if you take this first step today 

Read some testimonials on the Tibetan yoga rejuvenation technique from those who have bought the exercise DVD and used it.

Have you, ever been tempted to invest in expensive cosmetic surgery or strenuous fitness programs? Experimented with anti aging serums supplemented with hormones? Or with human growth hormones (HGH), DHEA, melatonin hormone releasers, and so-called herbal youth inducers, all claiming to restore your diminishing good health, youth and vigor?


Not only do most of these fail to live up to expectations, many may have damaging side effects in the long run. At Young Again Forever, we consider these as unacceptable alternatives, being desperate unnatural bids to look younger and for instant artificial packaged youth.

Let me assure you that ‘the technique’ is completely natural..... a simple to perform, short yoga exercise program that will peel the years off you. You should begin to see, and feel, some amazing results within just three months!

No expensive drugs, creams, or painful surgery are involved. There are no external or mechanical ‘support structures’. It is a simple but powerful 100% natural rejuvenation Yoga program that will make you look younger, have more energy and sexual vigor. And it takes only 30 minutes a day.

This youth and health Yoga technique is demonstrated to you on DVD.

Not only is the technique completely natural, it is very simple to practice.

All it takes is approximately thirty very enjoyable minutes of quiet, relaxed practice of this exercise set each day, in the privacy of your own home or garden.

Unfortunately, only a very tiny percentage of people know about this 'Open Secret'. So, be a philanthropist and please share this knowledge with your friends and family. Show them the exercises! Play the DVD for them.

To put it in a nutshell, I am offering you a step-by-step simple yoga exercise DVD. It demonstrates an astounding chakra activation technique, together with supporting health information, to ensure your success. Every move is explained and repeated in both normal, and slow motion modes.

And that is not all. I will be there to guide you every step of the way to the fountain of youth. In addition to the exercise DVD, you will receive free personal mentoring and support from Young Again Forever for a period of 6 months... that in itself is a $435 value.

You will receive the exercise DVD, other instructions, and personalized online mentoring for 6 months.It'll be almost like being led by the hand to drink from the mythical fountain of youth!

So why do Deepak Chopra, Bernie Siegel, and numerous doctors and caregivers confirm that this Tibetan rejuvenation and lifetime fitness technique works?

What exactly is the chakra system?

How does this yoga exercise set re-activate your hormones?


What has your endocrine system got to do with restoring youth and vigor? Or with your chakra system?


Where IS this Fountain of Youth?


What is rejuventation yoga?


How much the exercise DVD cost?

You'll find the answers, and a lot more about the Tibetan Rejuvenation Yoga Technique demonstrated in the exercise DVD continue on .


Just who are Roshmi & Jay?


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