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A note from Jay & Roshmi

Cordial greetings!

This is a big day for Roshmi & I, being the inauguration of
our newsletter for customers of Young Again Forever products,
and for visitors to our website.

Young Again Forever is dedicated to bringing you the latest
information from a wide range of medical experts on natural
health techniques. This issue carries a very authoratative
article on weight loss by Michael Stefano

This information is free for you, and the intention is to
ensure that you maintain the best of health.

Young Again Forever also manufactures and markets a video,
which demonstrates the Tibetan technique to reverse aging,
and to regain your youthful appearance and vitality.

Thousands are using this strategy recommended by Drs Deepak
Chopra and Bernie Siegal, with excellent results.

We also have a very select offering of the highest quality,
most effective, natural products and procedures that we
confidently recommend for your use.

These are from handpicked, highly reputable, established
organizations. And, wherever appropriate, the products/
procedures have been tried out successfully by us.

We have received many thank you letters from our readers
for our letters disseminating natural health information.
These are gleaned from paid subscriptions to the top health
newsletters, and from our own personal studies.

So, we decided to put together a regular, small, chatty,
and informative natural health ezine for you.

We are calling it "To Your Health, Letter", a toast to
the fact that a daily glass of RED wine is very good for you.

We invite you to submit your comments, snippets, and
accounts of your personal experiences (with natural
therapy) for inclusion in future issues.

Be well and happy,

Jay and Roshmi




Byline: from HSI material

Heart disease, also known as CVD (cardiovascular disease), is
one of the biggest killers at the present time.

I have paraphrased some new information for your benefit. It
was put out by Health Sciences Institute.

A most important key word to your cardiovascular health is

Homocysteine is an amino acid that promotes the buildup of
plaque on blood vessel walls, causing increased coagulation.

A high homocysteine level can significantly increase your
risk of heart attack and stroke.

Fortunately, your homocysteine level can be easily measured
with a simple blood test. And fortunately there are some easy
steps you can take to lower your homocysteine.

Note that your doctor can't prescribe a drug to lower your
homocysteine level....... because there isn't one.

However, studies have shown that the dietary intake of FOLATE
may significantly reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease.

And how is that accomplished?

By lowering homocysteine levels.

Homocysteine metabolism depends on nutrients such as folate,
(folic acid), vitamin B6 and B12. That's why your homocysteine
level drops when you increase your natural intake of folate.

What are the folate-rich foods?

Asparagus, lentils, chickpeas, most varieties of beans, and
especially spinach and other leafy green vegetables.

Most people who increase their dietary folate intake -
by eating these foods - respond with a lower
homocysteine reading.

However, it doesn't always happen quite that easily.

So, if the diet doesn't do the trick, then vitamin
supplements often will.

Folate (or folic acid) and vitamins B6 and B12 can be found
in any health food store or drug store.

So the next time your doctor takes a blood sample, be sure
to ask about your homocysteine level and discuss this
important issue.

And, meanwhile, do increase your consumption of folate-rich
foods as much as you can.

More info on getting rid of arterial plaque

*-----------------HOT TIP------------------*

Do your Tibetan Technique Regimen first thing in the morning,
on an empty stomach. Your body has not had food for a while,
so it will have to delve into your fat cells for the stored
energy to practice it. For information on this world famous
technique click here:




Reduce your consumption of the fats that kill, and increase your
consumption of the fats that heal.
An easy way is to take fish oil capsules daily. Be sure to get a
high quality brand with lots of the fatty acids known as EPA and
DHA. Cod liver oil is good. Take the capsules immediately after
eating in order to minimize gastric problems.

NB: A recent study of heart attack survivors found that 1 gram
(or 1,000 mg) of fish oil per day cut the likelihood of sudden
death by as much as 53% over survivors who were given a placebo.


Elvis Presley was an icon and role-model for many of
our generation. He was the precursor to a whole new way of
living and of thinking. Even today, as we reflect on the
manner of his death, what strikes us at the core is the
fact that his death was totally avoidable!


PRODUCT REVIEW: The Vision for Life Program


Roshmi rates this 5 stars ***** because it has worked for her.
She no longer wears her glasses.
This exciting program was developed at the internationally
acclaimed Cambridge Institute for Better Vision. It works by
relaxing your eye and other muscles to restore the ability
to see without visual aids.
Results can be seen in 5 weeks or less.




The West Nile Virus has already caused human deaths in the US
and Canada this year. Spreading west, from New York, where it
was first identified in North America, it is causing huge panic
and concern.

So lets get acquainted with the facts.

# First identified in Uganda in 1937, but not seen in North
America till 1999.
# Has already caused 5 deaths in Louisiana, and 34 States have
reported the virus in 2002.
# Spreads primarily through mosquito bites (only female mosquitoes
# Most active in late summer and early fall.
# It can affect birds, humans and some animals.
# Mosquitoes carry the virus in their salivary glands, and
transmit the virus by biting.
# Humans are not hosts for the virus, and don't pass it on to
mosquitoes or other humans.
# Birds are hosts, and become infected when female mosquitoes
feed on their blood.
# The virus can live in a bird's bloodstream for up to four
days (giving enough time for other mosquitoes to bite the
birds and so transmit the virus even more).
# The incubation period for infecting humans can be from
five to 15 days.
# People who catch survive West Nile virus become immune to it.
# Most cases of West Nile virus are mild, and many go unnoticed.
# The elderly are at the greatest risk, specially if they have
weakened immune systems.
# In rare cases it can get severe, leading to encephalitis,
(which can prove fatal).
# Symptoms are high fever, mental confusion, strong headaches,
muscle weakness. Consult your doctor immediately.
# Dead birds in your neighborhood can indicate infiltration of
the virus in the area, and should be immediately reported.

What can you do about mosquitoes?

We don't know why, but certain people seem to attract mosquitoes
more than others. Apparently it has something to do with high
levels of vitamin B in the blood. And, each species has its own
ideas about which humans make the best feast!!

However, science finds the following stimuli prove attractive
to mosquitoes:

* Movement
* Wearing of dark colors
* Perspiration and body temperature can be detected by the
mosquito's radar
* Smell: Carbon dioxide, released by the skin and found in
human breath, along with lactic acid in the breath, can be
detected by mosquitoes at distances of up to 36 meters
* Floral fragrances of perfumes and personal-care products
* Adults are more likely to be bitten than children
* Young adults rather than old ones (Hey, youth cult in their
realm too?)
* Men are more attractive to them than women (could it be
because it's the female mosquito which bites?).
* Larger people tend to attract more mosquitoes

For people willing to use chemicals, Deet is the gold standard
ingredient in mosquito repellents used on the skin.

The Electronic bug zappers can actually do more harm than good,
as they kill many beneficial insects.

Citronella is a natural ingredient that is said to repel
mosquitoes, but we found it had very limited efficacy.
However, Citronella candles, and other scented candles,
are better as they work as a decoy (attracting mosquitoes
to their warm, carbon-monoxide-exuding, scented forms).

In our wide search for a natural repellant, we read that
the following method seems to have good results:

Add 3 drops of lemon-scented dish-washing liquid to a shallow
WHITE plate filled with water. For some unknown reason this
seems to kill / drive mosquitoes away. (We didn't try it
out using citronella oil. But maybe we should have.)


Jay considers himself a veteran of the mosquito war-zone.
With good reason! He contracted malaria ( another bug
spread by way of mosquito-bites) 4 times in the space of
2 years, while in India studying The Tibetan Technique.
The Tibetan technique is a holistic health and rejuvenation
Regimen devised by Tibetan monks to stimulate the secretion
of hormones to restore youth and vitality. For information on
the technique click here:


From our Readers:


"Dear Jay and Roshmi.

I appreciate your great generosity to share your
valuable knowledge with me. It opens the door of
the big new world for me.
During our old emails I realised how valuable people
you are . Now I am sure I wasn't wrong.
Thank you.
Best regards.


GUEST Column : by Michael Stefano

"The Fat Max Zone: Exercise Intensity Versus Fat Burning "
(Part 1 of 2)

In a recent study conducted in England, at the School of Sport and Exercise at Birmingham University, scientists have identified the Fat Max Zone. Using 25 moderately trained
individuals, in both graded and constant exercise programs, researchers have concluded that exercising too intensely will cause fat burning to markedly drop.

Fat oxidation, or fat burning, is something the human body does quite naturally. Stored body fat, along with the carbohydrates we consume, become our main source of fuel, or energy. Fortunately, the human body is very good at burning fat over a large range of exercise intensities. However, if your train too intensely, sugar will become your main source of energy, not fat.

So what's the right intensity to activate all this fat burning? Scientists involved in the study used maximal oxygen consumption, or VO2 Max to determine exercise intensity - VO2 Max being a way of expressing how fit you are by gauging how much oxygen your body can use at the cellular level.

For the best aerobic, or fat burning workout, the traditional, recommended range is from 50 to 85 percent of VO2 Max, when using the heart rate reserve formula found below. This is not to be confused with a simple percentage of your maximum heart rate.

(Look out for part 2 in the next issue of 'To Your Health, Letter'. Michael Stefano will tell you in Part 2 how to compute your own FAT MAX ZONE, and so maximize weight loss and burning of body fat)

About the Author :
Michael Stefano is a captain on the New York City Fire Department,
as well as author of The Firefighter's Workout Book,
The 30-minute-a-day, Train-for-life Program for Men and Women.
He is also managing editor, and writer of many articles on weight loss
& health and fitness at, (where you can
sign up for a FREE Train For Life Newsletter).
Michael Stefano's articles have appeared on such internet giants as
America On Line, Yahoo!, and
[Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

In addition, there may be other reasons for being overweight, that you
are possibly unaware of, such as over processed food, food sensitivity
or a clogged liver.

View an amazing video on what a medical doctor has to say about weight loss.



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