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=> A note from Jay & Roshmi
=> From the Heart: by Jay Chatterjee Do You Believe in Yourself?
=> Little Actions That Produce Big Results: The Lowly Lime
=> Feature Article: by Roshmi Raychaudhuri
Leisure: A Renewal Strategy for Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit
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=> Guest Column : by Dr. J. R. Rogers
"The Exercise Component in Healing Osteoarthritis"
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In addition, there may be other reasons for being overweight, that you are possibly unaware of, such as over processed food, food sensitivity or a clogged liver.

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A note from Jay & Roshmi

Hello ,

Have you noticed how your insides knot up when you are afraid? The way your palms become clammy, and the back of the neck and shoulders tighten and freeze? These are the physical manifestations of chakra blockages caused by fear. Blockages in the chakras domino into falling hormonal secretions....failing metabolic functions.....premature aging.....! There is nothing as detrimental to our mental and physical well-being as the very basic and primordial emotion of fear.

As with most things, health and wellness (too), start with the mind. Our own attitudes to living, make or break us in every aspect of our lives.

Life is all about learning! Learning to accept yourself and others! Learning to change your very outlook if need be! Learning about your own personality, and what makes others tick, can help you stave off heart attacks and other stress related diseases.

And, more importantly, it can help defeat the causes of such diseases.

This issue is dedicated to developing a healthy mind and a healthy perception of ourselves. The glass really is half full (and not half empty)!

Be well and happy,

Jay & Roshmi
mailto: jay@youngagainforever.com

PS: The next issue will feature an article on weight-loss.


FROM THE HEART: by Jay Chatterjee


As I write this in my home-office, my bookcase is to my left. It's spilling over with reference material I use. Contained in the restricted space are books, more books, business papers, tapes, pamphlets, and self help information. All of this material has been an absolute Godsend at one point or another.

These are my treasures, the things I refused to trash as I moved from one home to another. I had no compunctions in giving away some of the silver and the crystal, which I was unable to fit into storage boxes. But giving up my books would be like giving up my right arm!

Of course, these are my personal priorities! Each of us has to find his/her own. There are no rights or wrongs here!

The objective is to be able to IDENTIFY your priorities.

As I write this, I face the wall. It is camel and marbled. Quite relaxing really, when and if one focuses on it, which I rarely do.

I focus instead on 3 photo frames that adorn the wall.

The largest one is edged with a 1" black rim and reads "No smoking!".

It's not there as a prompt, I kicked a two pack a day habit back in January 1981! It's there to remind me that I CAN do what I want to, provided I want it badly enough! I proved it to myself, when I gave up smoking. (Once I was motivated to do so, it was EASY, believe me!)

The second frame, the smallest one, says "Just Do It!!".

Yes, I swiped Nike's motto for myself.So often, we are held back from acting according to our own intuitions by other people, who deride our beliefs as weird or impractical or foolish, or worse.

Had I given such opinions any credence, I would never have experimented with the Tibetan Rejuvenation Technique or discovered its amazing power to keep one healthy and youthful.

Today The Technique has become as integral a part of my daily regimen as brushing my teeth! Would I have started the http://www.youngagainforever.com web site if I had (always) gone by what others said? (including my own children!)

I thank God, my karma, and my destiny that I ignored some advice from 'well-wishers'.

The third message is in the minimalist of frames, and reads as follows:

"It is the characteristic excellence of the strong person,
that they can bring momentous issues to the fore
and make a decision about them.
The weak are always forced to decide
between alternatives they have not chosen themselves"
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Each time I focus on any of the three frames, its meaning becomes more clear. They have become my credo.

It's not that I have stronger beliefs, or more will power. Its just that I have, to some extent, come to terms with my fears. The fear of death, ill health, impotence, ridicule; the fear of being considered different; the fear of failure, of rejection, of being alone.

Having done that, the progression is to the legitimate questions:
Does one know where one wants to go?
Is one headed in the right direction?
What's really out there at the end of the road?

And, it is equally imperative to ensure that we take steps to bridge the gap between where we are today and where we want to be!

Each day we need to re-evaluate our priorities.

As I have often mentioned (earlier), I have integrated some mental and physical disciplines into my daily regimen. A healthy mind and healthy body go together.

For a positive mental outlook under all circumstances, I have found yogic breathing to be very effective. For the proper functioning of my body and my chakra system, I rely totally on the Tibetan Technique.
And 20 minutes of meditation is also part of my daily routine.

But you must be motivated to take the first step .....and it's all in the mind.

*** copyright. Jay Chatterjee

About The Author:
Jay Chatterjee, a Chartered Accountant and ex-Banker, lives in Canada. Starting from a life-long interest in the effects of natural therapies, he came across an ancient rejuvenation system based on stimulation of the hormonal system, which information he has put on the web.
If this subject is of interest to you, visit his web site at:



Have you ever tried talking to yourself?
We can walk right up to strangers and strike up a
conversation, (especially if they are attractive).
Yet, we are shy of talking to ourselves!
Learn how to 'Release' with the Sedona System. http://www.youngagainforever.com/Lifetime_Fitness_Factors.htm




I remember, as a young lad growing up in India, watching in fascination as this ritual was played out at the end of lunch each afternoon.

In India, the majority of people eat their food using their fingers. We children, however, used cutlery. A question of taste.......

After lunch, the server would bring finger-bowls of hot water to each of the adults, accompanied with a crescent of lime. My grandmother would delicately wash her fingers, then crush the lime and rub it into her fingers and around her lips, before patting dry with a napkin.

It was only much later that it was explained to me that the lime cut the oil from the fingers, and is also very good for the skin.

But there's more......

Did you know that lime, other than cutting through grease and containing vitamin C , also strengthens the fingernails (and toenails)? And it is good for your hair too, based on the same principle. Both nails and hair are composed mainly of keratin.

Not only that, it improves the appearance of the hands (which are a dead give-away of age)! Dermatologists believe that the new ingredient, poly hydroxyacid will help skin achieve the ageless look. However, the lowly lime will help you there naturally without the extra cost.

So, be sure to frequently smooth a little lime on your hands, nails and hair.

It's the natural way.


Here is a simple exercise to strengthen your wrist.
Stretch your arms out in front & parallel to the floor
(as if reaching for something).
Bend the palm backwards from the wrist, slo-o-o-o-wly,
with fingers pointing towards you while you breath in.
Bend them forward all the way (till fingers point towards
the floor), while breathing out.
Do this slowly 10/25 times each way.



FEATURE ARTICLE: by Roshmi Raychaudhuri

Leisure: A Renewal Strategy for Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit


Do you pay enough attention to your leisure? Too much is bad; but too little even worse!!

Actually, the time spent in leisure activities has a big role to play in ensuring that you live an active, enjoyable, and productive life. And in doing so, you develop all 4 planes of your existence : physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Some tend to regard the human body as a machine, while others view it as a highly complex organism. Whichever way one looks at it, the body/ machine/ organism requires adequate amounts of both exercise and rest to continuously maintain and repair itself. (Even machines need time off for servicing and repair)!

So, any time that we invest in leisurely pursuits gives our bodies the opportunity to repair and renew. This is the reason yoga practitioners spend
so much time in 'savasana'!

Leisure also has a role in maintaining sound mental health. It provides a much-needed break from obsessing over stress- building concerns (which, are part and parcel of each of our lives) by giving our minds the chance to turn off.

More often than not, we return from leisure activities refreshed and ready to deal with our problems in a more objective and constructive manner.

Writing, is a pursuit I recommend strongly. Not necessarily to get published (though that could be an additional bonus). I have used it myself, during periods of great stress, to purge my negative feelings.

And I can vouch for its cathartic effect.

Put down on paper EXACTLY what is troubling you. Write about your concerns, your feelings, as they occur, without pre-judging or assessing how it will appear to a reader. Just record. Then read it through once, and trash it.

You may or may not get new insights into yourself. But I can assure you that you will feel much, much, better.

On the emotional front, shared leisure activities provide an excellent platform to bond with family and friends. And for those of us who enjoy new experiences, travel affords a means for us to come into contact with other cultures and ways of life that are different.

Travel can open up blinkered eyes, attitudes and minds, develop empathy for others and develop inter-personal skills.

Finally, some leisure activities can lead us into awareness of the spirit within us. The beauty and goodness of God's Creation ( even though some may choose to attribute it to 'The Big Bang') becomes more apparent when and if we give ourselves the time to notice it.

Dwell upon the beauty of a sunset, the majesty of the ocean, the grandeur of the Himalayas or the serene and subtle pleasure of lying in a hammock in one's own back-garden!

At moments such as these one begins to understand that God's gift of human life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved.

There is nothing like a cruise to bring it all together, now that they are going at such bargain prices.

Invigorating fresh sea air, changing sunset colors, and the world brought to one dockside. Marvelous food ( even salt-free, if one chooses); the best of shows or quiet places. And, as for exercise, we do The Tibetan Technique wherever....! If you want more, there is exercise whichever way you want it... walks, aerobic classes, tennis, golf.....even swimming!

Both Jay and I LOVE travelling , and take every opportunity that comes up to do so. When foiled by time or money, we indulge in arm-chair travelling!

Using visualization, of course! Places you are eager to visit can be great image and focus builders; try incorporating them into your own visualization sessions.

Nurture the habit of looking at paintings or photographs that affect your mood or help you to flesh out an image you want to focus on. The classical painters imbued mood into their paintings using light and shade while the Modernists do so with color.

In this age of violence, accidents and terrorist attacks, life is a gift - so relax and enjoy it!

***copyright 2002 Roshmi Raychaudhuri

About the Author:
Roshmi Raychaudhuri is co-editor of this newsletter. Natural health therapies are an area of interest, as are writing, reading and travelling. Her website on anti-aging (co-owned with Jay Chatterjee) may interest you. More info on positive thinking

***** ART VIEWING TIP *****
An Art Gallery is the best place for viewing Art.
Art that will boost your mood and stroke your senses.
But, if you just can't fit it into your schedule, it is
possible to do your viewing at home. You can even
buy prints or photographs of great art works and surround
yourself with color. Info here:


From our Readers:


"Dear Jay,

I am so appreciative of your" Road Map to the Fountain of Youth".
It is very informative. I accidentally deleted part 2 and was
wondering if you might be able to send it to me.
I am now trying to save them so I have them as a point
of reference to go back to. I really enjoyed part 3.
I have a question though. You said the water should be boiled
and filtered. How can I do that with my tap water.
How long should I boil it and how can I filter it?
Thank you for all of your wonderful information.
I am so glad I found your site and consider it a blessing.
It is so kind of you to send this valuable information to people.


NB: We are printing our reply here, as it may be of interest to some of you:

"Thanks. We're glad you found our suggestions useful. Our tips are tried and tested , as we use them ourselves. Re your question about the water: boil the water, as you would for tea or coffee. Allow it to cool and pour into one of those jugs with filters. Always keep an extra jugful of water handy.
And drink of it as much as you can.....

Jay & Roshmi"


GUEST Column : by Dr. J.R.Rogers

The Exercise Component in Healing Osteoarthritis


IWhen we experience pain, it is nature's way of telling us that something is wrong with our body. Pain comes in two different forms: Acute pain is that which generally lasts less than 5-6 weeks. Chronic pain is the kind that seems to go on forever and is the most typical for those suffering from osteoarthritis.

Every mammal on this earth has pain receptors in their body. Our bodies respond to pain by releasing natural painkillers called endorphins. The release of these 'endorphins' is what allows us to continue with our daily lives even when we are living in pain.

For arthritis sufferers, there is an unfortunate cycle of inactivity that begins. Once you begin to experience pain, you tend to limit your activity. Probably, most of us are conditioned to feel that rest is important in overcoming pain. As well, (and let's face facts) when you don't feel well as a result of being in pain, you don't really feel like doing much of anything. Let me tell you, it is absolutely the wrong approach to handling your arthritis pain.

When the body is active, it produces the endorphins. These natural opiates not only assist in the pain-healing process, the exercise serves to strengthen the muscles around injured joints. In addition, exercise usually means weight loss that also assists in defeating osteoarthritis.

Let's talk about strengthening the muscles around damaged joints. What happens with exercise is that the muscles that surround an injured joint become stronger. In turn, this both stabilizes and supports the affected area. It also serves to continue the strengthening of bones, increase circulation, build synovial fluid in your cartilage, and help deliver nutrients to that damaged cartilage. Of course, exercise leads to weight loss and where load-bearing joints are concerned, this is extremely important in defeating the disease.

In summary, taking the initiative to exercise is going to go a long way towards accelerating the healing process.

Besides maintaining a proper exercise routine, to treat arthritis we recommend using liquid glucosamine formula Syn-flex. Syn-flex has been shown to end arthritis pain, rebuild damaged cartilage, promote healthy joints, stop inflammation, and improve mobility.

Article courtesy of The Arthritis Resource Center.
For more information visit: http://www.youngagainforever.com/Arthritis.html



Stopping progress of your arthritis as well as stopping
the pain should be your goal. How do you reach this goal?
Well, according to experts this is a four-step process...
& the mind has an important part to play!
1. Exercise
2. Diet
3. Mental Attitude
4. Treatment





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