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28th November 2002

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=> From The Heart: A Note from Jay & Roshmi
=> SEASONAL SPECIAL #1: Save! Save! Save!
=> Feature: by Jeremy Laurence, (from The Independent, UK)
Doctors set to transplant faces from dead to the living
=> Little Actions That Produce Big Results: Fenugreek
=> Feature: by (coach) Todd A. Williams
Money and the Race Car Driver
=> Review of Products/Services: Medication Or Meditation
=> Feedback from Visitors/Subscribers
=> Guest Column : by Betty Sisk
Communicating With Your Doctor - a guide to doing it right
=> Classified Ads
=> How to Be Featured as our Guest Columnist
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In the USA 16,500 people die every year from drugs prescribed
for Arthritic pain and inflammation. In Britain the number is around
2000 deaths every year. These NSAIDs, (non-steroidal,
anti-inflammatory drugs), which include ibuprofen and aspirin,
kill pain effectively, but irritate the stomach lining in some patients,
causing ulcers and bleeding. Severe cases may lead to death.

DO NOT BECOME A STATISTIC. Check out a treatment
that stops Arthritic pain and repairs cartilage, even as it
acts on the cause of the disease.

FROM THE HEART: A note from Jay & Roshmi

Hello ,

Over the years, we have read various articles on the power of the mind, and how one's belief system can powerfully affect the quality of one's life.

To put it very simply, you are who, and what, you THINK you are. If you have grown up with loving parents, who have always assured you that you are a beautiful and very intelligent person, you will act in a confident self-assured way. Even if you are plain and of average intelligence.

Conversely, if you have constantly been put down, your self-esteem will probably be low.

This concept is far more powerful than it first appears to be. Tomes have been written on the subject. Various self-help courses have been developed based on these principles.

Here are some practical applications that we have gleaned from the browsing we have done over the years:

*** We use only a tiny percentage of our brainpower. You can focus much better by first doing relaxation technique and then studying whatever you wish to learn. You will learn faster, and also retain the knowledge

. *** Use a metronome to attune your body to 60 beats a minute. Preferably, have the course material read to you in 8 second intervals.

*** The mind cannot distinguish between imagination and reality. You can use this fact in various ways, including to destress yourself by imagining yourself in a quiet peaceful setting. Make it as real as possible, feeling the breeze, hearing the rustle of the leaves, the running stream.

*** Many a person never reaches their full potential because of fear of failure, either imagined or instilled in them in childhood. Play at being what you want to be, in your imagination. Do the things you always wanted to do. This is very therapeutic, and the more you do it, the more natural it will seem to you.

*** If you want to excel at something, first play it out to perfection in your imagination. Every detail should be successfully managed in mental pictures. Apply this to sports, business presentations, virtually any situation. You will be amazed at the results!

We hope this information is of assistance to you in your everyday life. It is because we believe so strongly in how beneficial mind control can be that we recommend the Sedona Method, and the Holosync cds.

Be well,

Jay & Roshmi


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FEATURE: By Jeremy Laurance, Health Editor, The Independent , (U.K.)



[Test-tube babies, cryogenics, colonizing Mars......all this is the stuff of science fiction. Soon it may be possible to acquire a whole new face --- off someone who just died! How do YOU feel about such a surgical procedure taking place? Do write in to let us know!]

Surgeons are preparing to cross a new medical frontier with the transplant of a whole human face from a dead to a living person. Advances in understanding of the processes of biological rejection and perfection of the skills necessary to carry out the surgery would make the operation technically possible within the next year, specialists said yesterday. The first candidates for the surgery could be children under six, disfigured by disease or accident, who are too young to have become familiar with their own appearance. Doctors said an adult acquiring a new face would have to cope with a major psychological and emotional challenge.

But the main barrier was likely to be public squeamishness about an operation that people associate with science fiction rather than surgical fact, specialists said. Peter Butler, a consultant plastic surgeon at the Royal Free Hospital, London and the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, US, said a public debate was needed to determine society's views in advance of the surgery becoming possible.

Read the rest of the story at:



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In India, Fenugreek, is used every day for it's powerful medicinal properties.

As a cholesterol controller Fenugreek seeds are soaked over- night in drinking water, and the water is drunk in the morning.

As a scalp conditioner and hair restorer: Hair washed with fenugreek seed paste prevents dandruff, hair loss, baldness and improves hair texture.
To make a methi hair pack, just soak the fenugreek seeds overnight in water
to soften the seeds and grind in the morning to a paste. Massage it into the scalp and leave for 30 minutes.
Shampoo off. Or, you can soak fenugreek (methi) seeds in yogurt overnight and apply the curd on your scalp for half an hour before washing off in the morning.

Yes I know, it's messy! But is shedding hair or dandruff scales less messy?

******* DIET TIP ********


* Helps lower risk of heart disease and stroke

* Lowers risk of birth defects

* Keeps digestive system running smoothly

* Maintains strong bones

* Helps prevent cataracts

* May reduce cancer risk

Broccoli is one of the most potent food "medicines" there is. If you've been shunning it since childhood, you are not alone (you have George Bush Sr, for company!).

And while all cruciferous vegetables contain potent antidisease compounds, broccoli may be the best nutritional choice of the bunch (pun intended)

Like other crucifers, broccoli contains compounds called indoles that help prevent tumor growth. Indoles help deactivate the potent estrogens that trigger tumors in cells, especially estrogen- sensitive breast cells.

Another compound, sulforaphane, stimulates cells to produce some important carcinogen-fighting enzymes.

Broccoli is bursting with antioxidants, which strengthen the immune system and help protect against cancer, heart disease, cataracts, and other illnesses. A half-cup serving of cooked broccoli provides nearly 100 percent of the RDA for vitamin C, as well as a good dose of beta-carotene and selenium. It also provides almost one-third of the RDA for vitamin E, which is crucial to heart health.

Organic broccoli may be your best bet, since the dense broccoli florets can retain chemical residue even after rinsing. Raw broccoli is good, but cooked broccoli is even better.

If you can find broccoli sprouts in your supermarket, buy them! Studies have shown they contain twenty to fifty times the amount of protective nutrients found in mature broccoli.

Lightly steaming or stir-frying broccoli releases beneficial compounds. Fresh, lightly steamed or stir-fried broccoli tastes nothing like the limp, overcooked stalks that can put you off broccoli for life.

For 4 yummy broccoli recipes send an email to us..

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By Donna Wallace (a.k.a.Gentle-Daydreamer)


Medication or meditation
The choice is up to you
Beware of distorted thoughts
And what you choose to do
Medication can numb your pain
It also numbs and stops the brain
It promises relief only temporarily
While the cause of the pain proceeds
Medication masks pain and complaints
While inner healing it always restraints
And the interactions of pills digested
Injure the kidneys, the liver and I question
Does the good truly outweigh the bad
Does the momentary relief outweigh the sad
Do all the pretty pills even know where to go
Or do they distort your mind so that you don't know.

Meditation, on the other hand
Holds much promise to every man
Inner healing is free and guaranteed
And will provide you with all you need
Yoga, Meditation, Shiatsu Massage
All bless you with peace and knowledge
It's not as quick as popping a pill
But at least you're in control of your will
And if you seek peace and serenity
True, inner healing is what you need.

Love and Light, (c)2002

From - More from Rondout (one of our must-reads)


FEATURE: by (coach) Todd A. Williams



The Race Car Driver:

When a racecar driver traveling in excess of 100 miles per hour nears a corner turn, one of the first things he/she does is turn their head in the desired direction they want the car to go. Like the racecar driver, if we focus on the wall, we will crash. If we focus on negative news, we can allow ourselves to become so afraid, paralysis takes over, we focus on the wall, and we crash. By being aware of negative things (the wall), and yet focus our attention to where we want to go, we can navigate around the financial racetrack in a positive and powerful way.

The Baseball Pitcher:

A baseball pitcher while throwing the ball looks to where they want the ball to go. The target is usually the Catchers glove. Like the baseball pitcher, in order to strike the batter out we must focus our pitches to where the batter cannot hit the ball. Focusing on the objective allows us to change strategies while still focusing on the ultimate goal. We can throw a fastball, a curve or any other pitch that will meet our objective. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, and many other investments, are like the different pitches we can use to meet our financial goals. The key is to maintain our focus on the Catchers glove so we can throw strikes.

The Sprinter:

A sprinter when running a race looks at the finish line from the start of the race until completion because any deviation from that straight line would add extra seconds to the race and could be the difference between winning and losing. A sprinter does not look around to see what everyone else is doing because in doing so, they lose focus and valuable microseconds are lost. Time is a valuable commodity in sprinting and money management. The sprinter can make up valuable time if they don't get a good start, but cannot make up the time if they lose focus during the race. If we don't get a good start with managing our money, we can make up the time by becoming focused and running in a straight line towards our objectives. If we lose focus, we lose the race. Like the sprinter, we all have individual races to run. Maintaining our focus on what we want to accomplish with our financial resources is as personal as a 100-meter dash. Our success is determined by how focused we are.

How to make money:

Be a racecar driver, a baseball pitcher, and run like a sprinter. By focusing our minds on the important things like our faith, our family, and our community, we can become better managers of our financial resources, and ultimately have the life we always wanted.

Until next time

M aximize your dreams
O rganize to overcome obstacles
N etwork to net worth
E njoy the moment
Y ield and abundance

(c) Todd A. Williams

About the Author:
Todd A. Williams is an internationally known author and money coach. He appears on ABC Affiliate "Good Morning Cleveland."
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rom our Readers:


Hello Jay,

I have watched every day for your next part of Road-Map to The Fountain of Youth. I have found it very interesting and informative. Thank you so much.

My husband, John and I have already put this information into motion. We have enjoyed this very much because we are 58 and 60 years of age so you can bet that we read every word carefully. I have had breast cancer, thus a mastectomy, 14 years ago. My husband found out about a year ago that he has sugar diabetes. We know now what it is to live a healthier life.

Again thank you very much for so much needed advice.
Yours Truly,

John & Marie Davidson


GUEST Column : by Betty Sisk


Have you ever come home from a visit to your doctor wondering if you really understood your medical problem or how to take your medications? In the past, doctors were in charge of your care and you were to "follow orders." These days, patients and doctors have an equal responsibility for care. You have a right to information about your condition and treatment and the doctor has a right to an accurate accounting of your history and symptoms.

According to the National Institute on Aging, here is what you can do to communicate better with your doctor:

* Be completely honest about all of the medications you take, including over-the-counter medications and herbal preparations. If you have more than one doctor, be sure each knows about all of your medications and other treatments, since dangerous interactions among medications are possible.

* Also be honest about smoking and drinking. Doctors and nurses are accustomed to taking care of people who smoke or drink. They need to know if you have any habits that contribute to disease or interfere with treatment.

* Your doctor may question you about a topic that you consider embarrassing, such as sexuality, memory loss, incontinence, or problems with your spouse or children. These problems often have an influence on diseases or may be caused by taking certain medications. Your doctor needs to know about them to accurately diagnosis and treat your condition. Also remember that the doctor and staff members are professional people who will protect your privacy.

* Make a list of your symptoms, special concerns, medical history, and current medications and give the list to the doctor. Doing this at home before your appointment keeps you from leaving out details.

* Provide the doctor with a brief, to-the-point description of your problem. What are your symptoms? How severe are they? When did they start? What brings them on? How long do they last and what relieves them?

* If you are concerned about cooperating with the doctor's treatment, say so. Are you worried about the cost involved? Does the treatment conflict with your beliefs and values? Do the possible side effects of a medication bother you to the extent that you are unlikely to take it? Here are suggestions to help you get the most accurate information and cooperation from the doctor:

* Ask a friend or family member to come with you. Take notes during your visit, take a tape recorder to record the doctor's instructions, or insist on a written explanation.

* You have the right to an explanation of your condition that you understand. Important questions to ask are: "What is wrong?" "What is the cause of my condition?" "What are pros and cons of treatment options?" "How do I know if I need to call you or come back to see you?"

* If you do not understand the doctor's explanation, say so. If the doctor has gone on to the next patient, ask the nurse to provide an explanation for you or provide you with pamphlets about your condition.

* Make sure you understand the action and side effects of any prescribed medication. Find out how often to take the pill, whether you can take it during a meal, and any other special instructions. If you get to the pharmacy to fill the prescription and realize that you still do not understand how to take it, ask the pharmacist for help. Pharmacists are expert at patient teaching, particularly about medications. If you get home and still do not understand what is wrong with you or how to cooperate with treatment, call the doctor's office and talk to the doctor or nurse.

* Ask the doctor for thorough explanations of the preparation for laboratory tests, x-rays, and other procedures. Results are more accurate, and the test does not need to be repeated, when you are appropriately prepared.

* Get acquainted with your insurance plan and how to access care. Some doctors' offices are set up to help you with insurance matters, but not all. Bring your insurance card and any forms that may be necessary, and be prepared to make a co-payment, usually about $10.00.

* Remember that even the best doctor cannot cure everything. You must do your part, too, by following these tips and taking responsibility for your own health

About the Author
Becky Sisk is the owner and webmaster of NurseScribe, http://www.enursescribe. com/.
For free articles on medical topics, go to medarts.htm

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