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=> From The Heart: A note from Jay & Roshmi
=> Feature Article : by J.R.Rogers
Can Fido & Fluffy make it as Vegetarians? (PART 1)
=> Stark Facts: A Phallological Museum
=> Little Actions That Produce Big Results: Plan Indulgences
=> Review of Products: Vision for Life Program
=> Guest Column : by Len Foley
Six Reasons Why You Should Meditate Every Day
=> Interesting Links for You to Benefit From
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*** NOTICE***

The Topmost Cause of Death in North America – Heart Attacks
Heart attacks occur when arteries bringing blood (and oxygen)
to the heart get blocked with plaque. But you can prevent
arterial plaque buildup using a proven natural remedy,
without drugs! Learn how to easily and effectively
prevent plaque build-up and fight heart attack.


FROM THE HEART: A note from Jay & Roshmi

Hello ,

The power of food! How strongly it affects our lives. It can
determine our moods, our health, our appearance and almost
every aspect of our lives. We feel elated at the prospect of
an evening out for dinner, and disappointed if the meal was
uite ordinary.

What we eat, and don't eat, has a major impact on our
health. And, how much we eat is equally important. Obesity is
now almost the rule in North America, rather than the exception,
and is reflected in the high incidence of heart disease.

As for appearance, many young girls are starving themselves
in order to look like the models on the catwalk (anorexia).

So, what does one do to ensure the food we eat has only
positive effects on our lives and health?

We'll keep it short: Quite simply, eat sensibly!

Eat moderately of vegetables and fruits (the order placement
is intentional), and include nuts in your diet as well.
Chicken, and other fowl, are very nutritious when organically
raised, and red meat eaten sparingly is good for you too.
Fish should be an essential part of your diet.

Don't over-eat! Take a smaller helping than usual. And, try
a water fast once or twice a month to rid yourself of toxins.

Masticate each mouthful thoroughly. Digest your food in your
mouth first with your saliva, before it reaches your stomach.
You'll find that you'll eat less, absorb more nutrients and,
possibly, lose weight.

And, to send your mood soaring, indulge yourself occasionally
with small feasts of things you love, and a daily glass of red
wine or beer.

Enjoy your meals and "Bon Appetit".

To your health,

Roshmi & Jay




by : J.R.Rogers

In the past, we have talked about the importance of diet for
pets dealing with arthritis. This is a very important issue
and one that many pet owners do not address properly. That
is not to say that they don't care, it is more a question
of understanding what works best for your pet particularly
if they are arthritic or have joint-related issues.

Why our Pets are Living Shorter Lives
Cats and dogs are exposed to the same kinds of life-shortening
problems that we are. Pollution, stress and diet are all an
issue. In fact, in some studies, it has been shown that some
pure bred animal's lives have been shortened dramatically. This
is not a random event. It is a fact of life and these factors
are all contributing to that. When the immune system is
constantly threatened, there will be an impact. In fact,
veterinarians generally agree that there is an overall decline
in pet health across the board.

Commercial Pet Foods and the Difference in Dogs and Cats
Our pets are born with sharp teeth and claws which would seem
to suggest that they thrive on meat. While this is true to a
point, it is not a complete picture. I have suggested in the
past that (some) raw food should be added to your pet's diet.
I did that because there are several factors at play when you
feed them commercially-available foods.

Issues with Commercial Brands
Many of these off-the-shelf products are a little questionable.
While protein is essential to pets, often these products don't
have enough of it. Much of it is not digested well and in other
cases, it happens because of an imbalance in amino acids. There
is also the issue of "what" is in the product. We know by now
that many contain "animal by-products" that are not even pleasant
to discuss. Many of these products are contaminated with a host
of undesirable ingredients. Before we address this issue, let's
talk about picking a pet food that works for your pet.

The Ones to "pass" On
If you see ingredients that include artificial colorings or
have preservatives like propylene glycol, propyl gallate,
sodium nitrite or nitrate, BHA or BHT, don't buy it. It is also
not a good idea to feed commercially packaged foods to your pet
if there are "animal by-products" included except those that
are named as "organ meats." That is a good starting point.

Second, even these commercial foods that pass muster (which
means high-quality products) usually must be cooked. If you
have any familiarity with cooking, you know that this destroys
much of the beneficial enzymes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Adding Raw Foods
We have talked about this in past editions. Add some raw foods to
your pet's diet. This helps to supplement what they are not getting
from even good commercial brand foods. In a perfect world (from a
nutritional standpoint) this would be the foundation of your pet's
diet. You can mix vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, and dairy
products together to provide a good starting point toward a better
overall diet and particularly for an arthritic pet.

Diet, Exercise and Liquid Glucosamine
We are going to expand on this theme a little further in our next
article. In the meantime, pay attention to the commercial foods
you are buying and take the time to bring a little vegetarian mix
to your pet's diet. It will help them maintain healthier joints
and overall improve their health.

In the next issue, we will target a little more closely the
differences between feeding a healthy diet to cats (versus) dogs.

Copyright J.R. Rogers


About the Author:
J.R. Rogers is the founder and President of Activex America,
Inc. makers of Liquid Glucosamine Formula Syn-flex.
(The author's statements have not been evaluated by the Food
&amp Drug Administration, and are not provided to diagnose any
disease or to suggest that liquid glucosamine and chondroitin will
treat, cure, or prevent any disease).

More information on arthritis treatment is available at:



The 1st Pillar: Nutrition
The tomato is the only fruit that is actually more
healthy in the cooked form. Packed with flavanoids,
a class of potent antioxidants that may reduce the risk
of cardiovascular disease, the heart-healthy chemicals
are stored mainly in the skins, and are released when
Another snippet of information on the tomato: scientists
have inserted a gene from the petunia into tomatoes, in an
attempt to boost the production of flavonoids, by almost 78
fold, a level on par with that seen in onions.

A salad, enjoyed in India, named 'cuchumber' combines onions,
tomatoes and fresh coriander - a nutritional powerhouse!
For nature-based supplements, out of a bottle, visit:


STARK FACTS : A Phallological Museum


Iceland is not very often in the news, despite its stunning
natural beauty, and the incredible spa experiences it offers.
But, a rather extraordinary museum has thrust Iceland to the
forefront of world attention. Reykjavik, it's capital, is home
to the only P*enis Museum in the world. The museum houses
specimens from every species in the world, with one exception
- man! However, Iceland's most infamous Don Juan, now in his
late eighties, has promised to leave a donation (?) to the
museum on his death!




Plan ahead with regard to cravings. Set a date and time to binge,
if you must, on cookies, ice-cream, or whatever your favorite 'sin
food' is! (We enjoy chocolates, caviar, smoked salmon and gourmet
pates, and some of these are actually good for you!)
Designating fixed times is a way of re-training the brain to
suppress cravings at times that are inappropriate. Indulgences,
in small, controlled measures can be less health-destroying than
the stress induced by constant self-denial. But don't forget to
draw the fine line between planned indulgence and license!!!

Check-out some natural & healthy ways of indulging yourself:


*******4 PILLARS OF AGE REVERSAL********

The 2nd Pillar: Cognitive Stimulation
Learning a new skill is one way of keeping
your brain cells well oiled, and avoiding the
hazard of falling into age-enhancing, rigid
routines. We are buying ourselves a beer-making
machine. Not only do we get a natural drink, without
preservatives, we also get to control the alcohol
content and flavor of our brew. We're going to have
lots of fun with this, during the process and after.





March is "National Save Your Vision" Month!

The concept of natural vision improvement, and vision
training, has been around since 1919, when the pioneering
Dr. William H. Bates found that refractive errors in the
eye were caused by 'straining to see'. If the eye muscles
were taught to relax, they could again function normally.
Although the basic principal remains unchanged till today,
more sophisticated exercises and techniques have been devised
to train the eye muscles back to normalcy much faster.
We like the 'Vision for Life' program. It is a home-based,
natural vision improvement program designed to help aging
vision, nearsightedness, farsightedness, computer eyestrain
and astigmatism. In addition to the eye exercises, the
program also addresses special techniques for preserving
eye health and vision for the future.

We are particularly impressed by the testimonials of those
who have used the program, and the extent of improvement
they experienced in, amazingly, just a few days. Also
impressive, is the personal guarantee extended by the founder:
a full refund will be given (inclusive of postal charges),
even after SIX months of use. We don't know of any other
similar product which offers such a confident guarantee.





The 3rd Pillar: Exercise
VOGUE magazine carried a report of research studies that
established that yoga exercises burn as much as 540 calories
an hour. Being a low intensity exercise, yoga is ideal for
people unused to regular work-outs. And, it has extremely
beneficial effects on mood and stress levels too.
The perfect age-defying exercise, in fact! Check out the
youth-restoring Tibetan Yoga video at:



GUEST COLUMN: by Len Foley



Reason #1: Meditation can give you an instant energy

Have you ever found yourself feeling sluggish, tired,
or easily distracted? This is because your energy is
being depleted by too many thoughts; they spin around
in your head all day and night exhausting you both
mentally and physically.

Meditation works with your subtle energy wind system
(otherwise known as chi or prana), rejuvenating your
body and clearing your mind by creating a mental space
between you and your world. This mental space will
help increase your productivity, decrease your stress,
and give you a renewed energy that will help you get
through even the toughest situations!

Reason #2: Meditation doesn't require any fancy

You need only need two things to meditate:
1. A rear-end.
2. A place to sit.

Since everyone has their own rear-end -- and most
everyone can find at least one quiet place to sit
(a parked car could be a great place to start), then
there is little reason why you can't enjoy the immense
benefits of a regular meditation practice.

Reason #3: Meditation doesn't require any
special credentials.

You don't have to be a Zen master living on
juniper berries in the nether regions of The
Himalayas to be able to meditate! Meditation
is a practical, efficient tool that you can use
everyday to improve your life regardless of
what religion you are, what you do for a living,
and what your level of experience is. All you
need is a genuine wish to try it and you are on
your way!

Check out Geshe Kelsang Gyatso's easy-to-follow
guide: Transform Your Life: A blissful journey,
providing a clear, practical guide to meditation
is one of the best places to find all the tips
and tools you'll ever need:

Reason #4: Meditation can extend your life.

Do you suffer from chronic stress, anxiety and/or
insecurity? These unhealthy states of mind if left
untreated can inevitably lead to an unhealthy body
and even an untimely death. This is because the
main cause of all mental and physical illnesses are
energy imbalances in the body.

Meditation helps you return to your perfectly
balanced state by cultivating positive and peaceful
states of mind thus reducing stress and other
negative states of mind until they are eventually
eradicated altogether! In fact medical studies show
that meditation can reverse certain aspects of heart
disease as well as reduce and eliminate physical pain.
By engaging in a regular meditation practice you
will live a longer, healthier life!

Check it out for yourself. Begin with a simple five-
minute-per-day commitment, gradually working your way
up to a few more minutes each session until you've
reached a full twenty minutes of uninterrupted
meditation. You'll be surprised at how quickly you
will start to look younger and feel better!

Reason #5: Meditation is easy (once you get the hang
of it)!

The only reason meditation seems difficult, is because
we don't understand its benefits and have little
familiarity with how to put it into practice.
Meditation is developing internally NOT externally.
At the moment we spend much of our time and energy
trying to change our external world to make ourselves
happy. We change jobs, cars, relationships, houses,
etc… thinking that it will give us the peace and
happiness we are so desperate to experience.

Buddha taught simple breathing meditation techniques
that eventually lead to permanent states of inner peace.
These techniques are as simple as focusing on our breath
for three seconds!! All we need to do is approach it
with an open mind and with a little bit of focus and
concentration you will be surprised at how easy and
addictive meditation can be.

Remember: there is no such thing as a bad meditation!

Reason #6: Meditation will improve ALL your

Meditation will teach you how to cultivate positive
states of mind such as love, compassion, and patience.
These minds are vital in any healthy personal or
business relationship and will help you be more
generous and respectful towards others.

If you'd like to find out more about how to improve
your life with meditation techniques and tips, check
out Geshe Kelsang Gyatso's new book:
Transform Your Life http://www.tharpa.com/tyl.htm

About the Author:
Article written by Len Foley and Rebecca Gauthier

Checkout another way to control your mind:




The 4th Pillar: Less Stress
Instead of worrying about factors outside your
control, focus on taking charge of the areas that
are within your control. Make life less stressful by
anticipating eventualities that will arise
and providing for them.


Mayo Clinic found that two natural compounds created
within the body repair cartilage, and also tackle the
cause of Arthritis. Based on these substances, we offer
formulations for humans, as well as for pets.

Did you know that over 700,000 people will become
victims of diseases brought on by bad Dental Hygiene?
DON'T let it happen to You! Check out what you can do:

Dr Deepak Chopra recommends this as the ultimate tool
to challenge your brain and keep it sharp as you age.

Being happy is a state of mind; the mood chemicals have
to flow. Learn how to get them going by visiting our page:




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