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=> From The Heart: A note from Jay & Roshmi
=> Feature Article : by J.R.Rogers
Can Fido & Fluffy make it as Vegetarians? (PART 2)
=> 1st Pillar of Age Reversal
=> Curious Facts: The World Snail Racing Championship
=> Little Actions That Produce Big Results: Feet Exfoliation
=> 2nd Pillar of Age Reversal
=> Review of Products: Vision For Life Program
=> 3rd Pillar of Age Reversal
=> From Our Readers
=> Guest Column : by Michael Lee
The Art of Adapting to Change
=> 4th Pillar of Age Reversal
=> Interesting Links for You to Benefit From
=> How to Be Featured as our Guest Columnist
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Ever wondered what an age-defying cream would do for you?
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FROM THE HEART: A note from Jay & Roshmi

Hello ,

Jay is doing his taxes, so I'm writing the editorial this week. And, I'm going to digress a bit from the normal and focus on Brad & Jen.

I'm saddened at the collapse of what seemed to be the perfect relationship. Even more so that it could be shattered by the inability to control the mental roundabout. Fears, mistrust, doubts, insecurities, struggles, and the occasional dysfunction are elements of any close relationship. The other side of the balance, weighted, as it was in their case, with love, caring, respect, concern, shared moments, memories, goals and material assets, seemed undoubtedly heavier. Heavier, that is, till the ego element was thrown into the negative side to tilt the scales.

There is a lesson to learn from Jennifer Anniston's admission that the break-up of her marriage to Brad Pitt was caused by personal insecurities she could not handle. Until one can see the source of the problem one can't take steps to cure it. Sadly, in this case, the realization came too late.

I must confess I loved them together!

In such situations 'Releasing' can be a wonderful tool. It helps people come to terms with their innermost traumas. Some people also use it as a relaxation and stress-reduction tool, while others use it to promote spiritual growth and find inner peace. Fortunately, there is an affordable and simple way to learn the art of 'Releasing'. Users have said it helps them achieve inner peace, increase concentration levels, energy and creativity. It is especially helpful for those who struggle with personal insecurities or traumas.

On the other side of the coin, some of the young contenders for the title of the 'American Idol' demonstrated amazing maturity in their ability to handle rejection. I was very impressed by Nadia Turner (who was voted off because of her wrong choice of song), but I'm sure she'll get over this set-back and make it really big.

In this issue, we've included a number of strategies to increase control over the mind-body connection. In the ultimate analysis, it's the choices we make that determine the direction of our lives!

Be well and happy,

Roshmi & Jay

PS: more on the art of overcoming insecurities


International Astronomy Day!

Have you ever had cause to wonder if the twinkling stars you see up there are the very same ones that someone else, emotionally close but far in physical proximity, can also see? Have you ever thought of stars as threads that can connect people who may not be able to meet as often as they would wish?
If so, you'll appreciate a unique opportunity to name a star after someone you love.

What will they think of next?




by : J.R.Rogers

Dogs are omnivores which means simply that they live on food
derived from both animals and plants. Can they do without the
meat? Of course they could do without meat. The problem is, dogs
require more protein and calcium than humans do. The best source
of protein would be meat. Therefore, it is important to make
certain that if you give your dog meat, it is of the highest
quality. Then consider a healthy dose of raw vegetable mixes.

The Cat as a Vegetarian
This is not going to work. Cats are carnivores all the way (meat
eaters.) Not only do cats require a very high-fat and high-protein
diet, they also do not digest foods derived from "plants" well.

And Cats Need a Lot More
Cats also require arachidonic acid. This is essentially a fatty
acid that is found in all tissues and organs which assists in
synthesizing prostaglandins. In turn, this reduces inflammation
which is an issue for arthritic pets. Cats also need amino acid
taurine. Both of these needs are met with a meat diet since they
are sourced from animals as opposed to plants. Insufficient
amounts of taurine can cause immune function problems and it
increases free radicals.

So…what's the bottom line?
Much of this comes down to three issues. First, as we suggested in
our last article, you should be cautious in selecting commercially
-available pet foods. Purchase the better brands and avoid the
ingredients mentioned in the July issue.

Add raw foods to your pet's diet. They might be a little "finicky"
at first but stay with it. They will get used to this as long as
you don't overdo it. (I use an approach of "a little every day.")
If you try to feed them an entire meal of nothing but vegetables
and fruits, it usually does not "sit well" with Fido or Fluffy.

Buy the "Best" Commercial Foods and Buy it for Less
Read the things to avoid in our last article. If finances are
an issue, join one of those wholesale clubs. You can buy the
best commercial brands for far less money. What do you do if
that "wholesale buying club card" is even more than you want
to spend? Get together with a neighbor or two and share the
expense. You can also save by making a list of the foods your
pets like and are the best profile. Then, buy in quantities.
The point is, make the extra effort to do the right thing.
The raw foods are the easy part.

Stay with the Three-point Program
Use high-quality liquid glucosamine that contains other
synergistic (and all-natural) ingredients used to fight
arthritis (bromelain; yucca; vitamin C; omega 3 and 6 fatty acids;
vitamin A & E). Make certain that you stay with the correct dosages
based on your pet's body weight.

We have said it time and again. Exercise is extremely important
in keeping an arthritic pet fighting and recovering. Sometimes
it is a little challenging at first if they have declined
significantly. However, in 99.9% of all cases the liquid
glucosamine will get them up and moving again.

Remember, keeping your pet free from pain is a two-way street
and it requires your help. Stay with sensible diets; use a
high-quality liquid glucosamine; and, exercise them. It makes
a world of difference.

Copyright. J.R. Rogers


About the Author:
J.R. Rogers is the founder and President of Activex America,
Inc. makers of Liquid Glucosamine Formula Syn-flex.
(The author's statements have not been evaluated by the Food
&amp Drug Administration, and are not provided to diagnose any
disease or to suggest that liquid glucosamine and chondroitin will
treat, cure, or prevent any disease).

More information on arthritis treatment is available at:



Nutrition - The 1st Pillar

We have been gorging on Asparagus! Plentiful now, in Toronto,
way before its harvesting season, we have to thank the crop
from California.

As you know, asparagus is loaded in nutrients. Especially
valuable are the cancer-fighting glutathione, and rutin -
known to strengthen blood vessels. It's is also great for
the libido!

We eat these succulent spears cold, with a vinaigrette,
or hot with a lemon-butter sauce (go easy on the butter).
It's also delicious in a mixed medley of stir-fried veggies
sprinkled over with crisp roasted sesame seeds.

How do you like your asparagus? We'd love to have some
recipes from you.

We've always maintained that the best way of getting your
nutrients is by eating the right foods. However, if you're
short of time and unable to shop for the right foods, the
next best option, rather than doing without them, is to
take supplements. For superior quality and wholesale rates,
click below:


CURIOUS FACTS : The World Snail Racing Championship


Any of you readers have a pet snail? It could make it to the
'Guinness Book of Records', if it breaks the current world
record of 2 minutes 20 seconds for the 13 inch sprint. The next
World Snail Racing Championship is scheduled to be held in July
at Congham, England, so you have time to plan and prepare.

More than 200 snails will be 'slugging' it out for the silver
tankard stuffed with lettuce leaves.

Way to go for escargot?

Travel to England this summer to experience more such
ways of spending your holiday time.




It's time to be getting out of boots and into sandal; also time
to make sure that your feet look as good as they should. It is
as important to exfoliate your feet as it is your face. Regular
readers of this newsletter know the reason - it's only when the
surface skin is sloughed of will the new skin regenerate!

Once a week, apply a natural exfoliating mixture on your feet,
especially on the heels and soles, to remove hardened dead skin.
Pay special attention to the heels and foot - areas where skin
tends to thicken and harden.

You can make your own exfoliating mixture by mixing 2 parts of
coarsely ground oatmeal, 2 parts chickpea flour (available at
Asian grocery stores) and 1 part rose water. Form a thick paste,
adding some warm water if required. Apply on your feet, and
allow it to dry. Dampen with water and scrub off gently. Rinse
with warm water and dry. Round off the foot treatment by applying
body lotion. Coconut oil or coco butter does the job as well.

For other ways of looking after your feet, click here:


*******4 PILLARS OF AGE REVERSAL********

Cognitive Stimulation - The 2nd Pillar

Try this amazing computer game based on 'Biofeedback' a method
that has been scientifically proven to have a powerful, positive
effect on your emotional and physical well-being by teaching you
to alter your brain activity, blood pressure, muscle tension,
heart rate and other critical bodily functions.

The Mayo clinic has validated the concept of 'biofeedback', so you
can be sure it's based on fact, not fiction! Click here:




This sight correction method has our highest recommendation.

Men's Health magazine recently carried an interview with the
developer, Olin Sorensen, in which he explained his method in
detail. An excerpt:

"I trained my eyes to do things they don't normally do,"
Sorensen says. "I treated the program like physical exercise."
He "worked out" 25 minutes a day, 6 days a week, for 30 days,
doing exercises like slowly rolling his eyes in a full circle.
The results? The navy measured his vision at 20/30, he no
longer needs glasses, and he's been accepted for pilot training.

Even very high degrees of correction can be helped with this
program. It may just take more time and dedication on your part.
The exercises have been designed to be adjusted for all ranges
of clarity. You can still take advantage of the special $79 offer
which includes the entire Vision for Life program, the 2 bonuses,
and their unconditional 6-month guarantee.
For more details, click below:


Exercise - The 3rd Pillar

Here is an excerpt from an evaluation of The Tibetan Technique,
our powerful rejuvenation & fitness strategy, from a user:

"I have now been practicing the technique for about 5 weeks &
feel a great difference in my energy level. I never feel tired
now, earlier I felt stressed out all the time. I also seem to
be drinking (and eliminating) a lot more water. Is this normal?
My skin looks fresher than it has in a long time. Thanks.
I'll stay with this as long as it takes".

To read more testimonials, click here:




my friend thank you, I have now received the Tibetan yoga video and I have used the teachings for the last 2 days. I am aware of many subtleties of life as expressed through my body and I already know the potency of these simple Tibetan practices. I am excited to experience how these practices will encourage conscious evolution.

~Mark David Bamford

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

GUEST COLUMN: by Michael Lee



One of the main reasons that may hinder us from reaching our
innermost goals and desires is our inability to be flexible.

This fact may be hard to swallow, but it's true. We do
everything we can to eliminate any type of suffering in our
lives, yet challenges and pressures can bring out the best
in us.

If you have been burdened by mistakes in the past, learn from
them, forget about them, and move on. Some people tend to
focus on how bad their lives have been due to these mistakes.
As a result, they remained stuck in their miserable lives.

Treat your mistakes as lessons, and apply them as learning
references in your future endeavors.

So what if you invested in a business and you lose a ton of
money? In this situation, some people would remain deeply
discouraged for a long time that their personal lives are
being affected negatively. They can't eat well and they
just stare at the ceiling all night long, thinking how this
bad incident happened. Furthermore, they would probably vow
not to venture into new opportunities again.

You don't have to be like them. If you're afraid to fail,
then you risk all your chances to achieve your goals in life.
Try again; but this time, be more careful and use your past
mistakes as guide maps.

Look at it this way. If you try, at least you get a 50%
chance of getting what you want. But if you did not try
at all, you have absolutely no chance of attaining your
desires in life. It's a no-brainer.

But when you try, make sure you follow through. I've met
so many people who have accepted my proposal to write
reports for me, but most of them would stop right in the
middle of their work and quit. They have the drive to
start, but they lack the motivation to go through all the
difficulties. Yes, this is another fact of life. Those
who persist may have some hell of a time at present, but
they shall have the last laugh.

Let's fast forward into the future. Let's say you did try,
you followed through, and you succeeded. Congratulations.
So you became wealthy by reaping the fruits of your labor.
This does not mean you'll stay in that situation for good.
Problems may rise again, so always be ready to adjust to
the current situation. The only thing permanent in this
world is change.

If you need to sacrifice something for a better cause,
then do it. If you have to miss your favorite show on
TV or if you have to deny your friends' invitation to go
out on a Saturday night so that you can devote more time
to those activities that will lead you closer to your
goals, so be it.

You may encounter difficulties. You may receive criticisms.
You may even be regarded as being "different" or "strange"
by other people. Don't let them discourage you. Just
keep on striving, and success will be yours for the taking.

About the Author:
Michael Lee is the author of "How To Be A Red Hot
Persuasion Wizard," an ebook that reveals powerful
secrets on how to get anything you want, including how
to fully improve your relationships, explode your
profits, win arguments, and magically influence others.


We too believe implicitly in the power of the mind in achieving
success. In fact, it has even been used for making money fast;
d eveloped by an M.I.T graduate. It may seem like a miracle, but
is built on rock solid rational thinking. Click here:


Less Stress - The 4th Pillar

Sleep is essential in controlling stress. Apart from ensuring
that you feel "rested", while you sleep, your body produces
several substances that are essential to your health, vitality
and quality of life. Many of these substances are produced by
the brain and the endocrine system only during sleep, so if you
don't sleep well, your stress level is sure to sky rocket.


The Topmost Cause of Death in North America – Heart Attacks
Heart attacks occur when arteries bringing blood (and oxygen)
to the heart get blocked with plaque. But you can prevent
arterial plaque buildup using a proven natural remedy,
without drugs! Learn how to easily and effectively
prevent plaque build-up and fight heart attack.


Dr Deepak Chopra recommends this as the ultimate tool
to challenge your brain and keep it sharp as you age.


Being happy is a state of mind; the mood chemicals have
to flow. Learn how to get them going by visiting our page:




How to be a guest columnist:


We welcome interesting pieces on Health and Natural
Therapies. Articles should be 450 words max. and formatted
to 60 characters per line. Your bio. and contact details
must accompany your article.

Other comments, snippets, and ideas may be published if
deemed to be of interest to our subscribers.

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