Tibetan Yoga Technique Testimonials

Here are some letters written to me by those who have practised the rejuvenating Tibetan Yoga Technique.

Judge for yourself whether it can change your life, as it has done for me and so many others:

"The exercises are awesome....."
"I love my tape. The exercises are awesome. I can do all but the one with the arms behind the shoulders on the mat. I have carpal tunnell, and my right arm and wrist are very sore so I am working towards it.

"I just want you to know how grateful I am for the continuing support and education you provide. I need it and appreciate it so much. "Thank you so much."
- Jan Booth, USA

"I never feel tired now "....after 5 weeks of practise
"I feel so fortunate to have come across your site by accident, when your special price was being offered. I have now been practicing the technique for about 5 weeks, and feel a great difference in my energy level. I never feel tired now, earlier I felt stressed out all the time. I also seem to be drinking (and eliminating) a lot more water. Is this normal?
My skin looks fresher than it has in a long time. Thanks. I'll stay with this as long as it takes."
- Jean Marriot, USA

"...my wrinkles disappeared.."
"Thank you for all your great info on "fountain of Youth ' and I am a walking example of how well it works. I bought the book about 10 years ago and dabbled with the exercises but it wasn't until I contracted mercury poisoning, (seven years ago) that I decided to take things more seriously

"My symptoms were many. I would shake uncontrollably and had a lot of eye problems and had trouble focusing [for 6 month]. I lost 2 stone and my hair went quite grey (not to mention the wrinkles-- I'm 60 years old]. I was allergic to everything under the sun -- from smells to food, had numerous aches and pains and couldn't stay awake.

"Two years ago I decided to do the 5 rites exercises religiously, daily --and today I can see, I have no more dizzy spells or shaking I have gained weight [ muscle, as before I was just bone and flab] and my hair has turned to its original color, no longer tired and MY WRINKLES DISAPPEARED!

"I have really cleaned up my act and eat organic food when I can --no junk food, alcohol or refined foods. I look good and feel great and continue to do the exercises daily no matter what - I also swim and walk .

"People don't believe me when I tell them and look at me as if it is impossible, [especially the Doctors] who diagnosed me with anxiety.

"The answer is doing them daily no matter how tired you are. I have no arm flab which I had before and my eyesight is
improving that my prescription glasses were 2 levels up - I am aiming for no glasses at all.

"Thank you once again and I am most appreciative of all your information. Thank you, All the best,"
- Sally-Ann, Australia

"....am feeling great!"
" Hi, I've been practicing the technique and am feeling great!"
-Patricia Dugan, USA

".... finally been freed from chronic lower back pain ..."
" Hiya, I'm sorry I haven't written to you sooner but I have been doing the technique almost every day since I got the video. I love the exercises. In particular I have for the first time in literally years finally been freed from chronic lower back pain. I had tried other exercises and even payed a fortune for a chiropracter. The technique helped on the first attempt so thank you. "
- Wilma, USA

" My energy level has shot up...."
" I didn't notice any difference in the first month of practicing the Tibetan exercises, and was getting impatient, but I stayed with it.

"Now I'm really into it. My energy level has shot up, and I am working muscles I didn't know I had. Thank you. I'm just so impressed."
- Rita Rome, USA

" I am a dancer and I do dance exercises, but these use muscles that I do not."
" I played it for the first time today, and I thought I was in pretty good shape? I will keep on trying till I get them right. I am a dancer and I do dance exercises, but these use muscles that I do not. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again."
- Bobbi Rogers, USA

" It opens the door of the big new world for me.."
" I appreciate your great generosity to share your valuable knowledge with me. It opens the door of the big new world for me. I realised how valuable people you are . Now I am sure I wasn't wrong. Thank you. Best regards."
- Bülent, Turkey.

"...people in Germany and France who could benefit from this technique...."
I received the video and am positively impressed. ....By the way, has this video been translated into any other language? I would know quite a number of people in Germany and France who could benefit from this technique. Have you ever thought of it? With best wishes,"
- Barbara Lamara, Germany

" am amazed at the depth and strength of the seemingly simple exercises."
" I received the video and am amazed at the depth and strength of the seemingly simple exercises. I am 51 years old, so I am very excited to see what happens a few weeks down the road. I hope to regain energy, a lower pulse rate, and to lose a few pounds with regular use of the precepts in the video and with regular exercise. I am also very interested in the teachings of the East Indians and of the Tibetan monks. Any suggestions there? Thank you for the opportunity to invest in my future health. Sincerely, "
- Mary Lang, USA

" ...a friend of mine recommended it after using it."
"I am very interested in ordering your video after a friend of mine recommended it after using it. I borrowed her's for a while and practised them but would like my own video and the support that goes with it......"
- Leo, UK

"...find myself feeling better each day.. "
".....I have been a yoga practitioner for over 25 years, but the positions in your video have been wonderful....I only started them 9 days ago, have worked up to 10 of each, and find myself feeling better each day.....please continue with the health hints ."
- Trish Turnage, USA

" I look forward to doing it each morning."

I just want you to know I've been practicing the 5 Tibetan Techniques for about 5 weeks. I am very pleased with my progress and improvements. I really enjoy doing them! I look forward to doing it each morning. My health has improved much as I have practiced these excercices combined with what I've learned about eating right from Ayurveda. Thank you for bringing this knowledge to me."
- Rob Colvin, USA

These are just some of the great people we have interacted with, and who have found tremendous benefit from practising The Technique. Thousands of others, all over the world, have been following this yoga regimen since it was developed over 3000 years ago by Tibetan Lamas. Medical practitioners, schooled in the scientific discipline of today have validated it. Renowned medical personalities such as Bernie Siegel and Deepak Chopra recommend it. I have, myself, experienced its power first hand!

I'll say it once more, at the risk of repeating myself:

  • You can STOP AGING and the attendant sagging of face, body, vitality and morale
  • You can REVERSE AGING  to a significant extent.
  • You can regain the VIGOR and VITALITY level of a much younger you.
  • You can promote HOLISTIC HEALTH throughout your lifetime.

  • You can do all this NATURALLY, without ingesting hormones or miracle youth drugs.

  • These effects are achieved by chakra exercises that are very similar to yoga.

  • This rejuvenating exercise program was developed by Tibetan Lamas specifically for chakra activation and chakra balancing, to help return your hormonal system to peak form.

We offer you these yoga exercises, step-by-step on a video. It demonstrates this amazing Tibetan yoga regimen of chakra activation movements. You will also receive, at every stage of practice, support health information to ensure your success. Every move is explained and repeated in normal, and slow motion, modes.

And that is not all! I will be there to guide you every step of the way. In addition to the yoga exercise video, you will receive free support from Young Again Forever for a period of 6 months.

It may seem like being led by the hand to drink from The Fountain of Youth! But, it's not that simple! It requires that you make the time to practise it...it takes approximately thirty very enjoyable minutes of quiet, relaxed practice each day, in the privacy of your own home or garden.

To order the exercise video, other instructions, and  personalized online mentoring for 6 months, CLICK HERE


So why do Deepak Chopra, Bernie Siegel and numerous doctors and caregivers confirm that this Tibetan rejuvenation and lifetime fitness technique does help people?

What are the chakras?

How does this exercise program activate your hormones?

What has your endocrine system got to do with restoring youth and vigor? Or with your chakra system?

Where IS the Fountain of Youth?

To find the answers, and a lot more about the Technique demonstrated in the video, Click here


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